Meet Rachel and Katie, two adventurous mums from North Cardiff, who’ve set out on a mission to bring a scoop of New Zealand to Wales with their exciting business venture.

Their story began during their shared days off, spent bonding over their children and exploring their mutual love for discovering unique food experiences. It was during these moments that they stumbled upon the idea of introducing New Zealand ice cream to the South Wales region. Inspired by conversations with family from New Zealand and fueled by their passion for culinary exploration, Rachel and Katie couldn’t resist the allure of turning their dreams into reality.

Their entrepreneurial journey took flight when they stumbled upon a vintage 1980s Bedford van for sale in Chepstow. With bags of determination and enthusiasm, they transformed the van into a charming mobile ice cream haven, complete with a fresh and classic aesthetic that mirrors the style of their delectable products.

Partnering with Joe’s Ice Cream based in Swansea, the pair ensure that their offerings are of the highest quality, proudly showcasing the flavours of Wales. The secret ingredient lies in their specially sourced ice cream machine from New Zealand, which churns out mouthwatering concoctions blending real fruit with creamy ice cream to order, right before customers’ eyes.

The magic of their creations isn’t just in the taste but also in the experience. Customers are mesmerised as they watch their chosen fruits transformed into delectable treats, often capturing the moment with their phone before indulging. The unique freshness and flavour of their real fruit ice creams have garnered a loyal following, with customers returning time and again for another taste of this fusion of Welsh and New Zealand flavours.

From weddings to local events, Rachel and Katie’s vintage van has become a beloved sight around the city, spreading joy and nostalgia with every scoop. So, whether you’re a local craving a refreshing treat or a visitor yearning for a taste of nostalgia, be sure to track down Rachel and Katie’s charming ice cream van for a truly unforgettable experience.

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