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Advertise in Cardiff, with Cardiff's leading lifestyle publication.

Reach 150,000 local consumers every month and explore online and offline offerings to boost your brand awareness in the city.

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We are Wales' leading luxury lifestyle magazine. Our demographic is A, B and C1 readers and our estimated readership is 150,000 local consumers monthly.

Our online channels reached over 90,000 unique accounts last month and 10,000 magazines are distributed across the city centre and surrounding suburbs monthly.

Want to tap into this audience and have your business seen and heard? Get in touch today.

Here are some other benefits to advertising with us...

  • Targeted audience

  • Increased visibility through online and offline offerings

  • Boosted brand awareness

  • Credibility & trust

  • Niche market reach

  • Less competition than other advertising platforms

  • Community support

  • Inspire word of mouth

If you’re interested in advertising with Cardiff Life magazine, please get in touch today and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP.

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