A Letter From The Owner 

Welcome to… the NEW Cardiff Life. When I found myself posing for the Cardiff Works section, holding a copy of Cardiff Life in my hands in January, I would never have expected that in just five months, I’d be the proud new owner of this much-loved brand. Talk about life’s unexpected twists and turns, eh?


Taking up the reins of Cardiff’s sole luxury lifestyle magazine may have come as a surprise to some, but the thought of infusing Cardiff Life with fresh energy and ensuring its legacy thrived was an opportunity we couldn’t ignore. The journey to revamp the magazine hasn’t been a walk in the park, but our unwavering commitment to sharing the best that Cardiff and the surrounding areas have to offer made it possible. The vibrant new Cardiff Life team was steadfast in our goal to forge a harmonious link between the digital and print worlds, all while preserving the trust of our fantastic readership. This magazine is for all of us. To the businesses, communities,
individuals, and contributors whose stories grace these pages; this is your platform. It’s our collective tribute to Cardiff, a place for us to share our victories and challenges, seek support, celebrate achievements, and shed light on the strength of our community. It’s proof of how laughter and unity can bind us all together. Being Welsh is a badge of honour, something to be celebrated and shared. That’s exactly how we feel about this new chapter in Cardiff Life’s story, and we’ll fly the flag by sharing more content bilingually.


From cover to cover, you’ll find cornerstone content that has always made Cardiff Life special, glimpses of your favourite city spots, and even some delightful new discoveries. There’s truly something for everyone. As it should be, Cardiff Life is crafted by the people of Cardiff, for the people of Cardiff. We’ll share stunning visuals showcasing the beauty of our home and stories about the real people and businesses of this great city. I think you’ll agree with me when I say it’s ‘proper lush’. I want to take a moment to extend a special thanks to my team. For the late nights, the early mornings, your unwavering trust, and unyielding loyalty. Without you, Cardiff would have lost a gem. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me, understanding the value this publication holds for the city, and dedicating yourselves to doing a bloody good job. I owe you all many cold ones. Bacareto, anyone? … Now, it’s time for me to step aside, and for you to immerse yourself in the joy that is Cardiff Life edition 274, brought to you by the NEW Cardiff Life team.


Enjoy every page.

Author WCS

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