Jill Scott collaborated with Tetley on their “That’s Better That’s Tetley Moments” campaign, which aimed to deliver one million moments across the UK. 

She led a contest encouraging people to nominate their community champion for a chance to win a surprise visit from Jill and the opportunity to share a cup of tea. A community group in Risca emerged as the winner! We caught up with Jill after her trip to Wales.

Jill, what made you want to team up with Tetley on their campaign, ‘That’s Better, That’s Tetley’? 

“When I heard about what Tetley wanted to do, using tea to focus on what matters, it really resonated with me. It’s something I do a lot with my own family and I just thought, what a lovely campaign!”

Can you tell us a bit about your visit to Risca and the group that has been recognised for their work within the community? 

“It was one of the best days I’ve ever had honestly. I got to meet Tara and Dawn who run Community Volunteers Wales and see the fantastic work they do daily. I could see all of the incredible work that goes on and the people who volunteer their time in a place for all ages. It was also such a special day – I didn’t want to leave! It’s super important for an organisation like this to get recognition.”

57% of Brits think making a cup of tea for someone is a great way to show your appreciation. In your opinion, why do you think it’s important to support those who are there for us and what can a good cuppa help with? 

I think a good cuppa just helps with anything. When I reflect on my life whether good or bad, I’ll always say “Oh let’s stick the kettle on”. It’s almost like a warm hug, especially during COVID-19 when we weren’t allowed to cuddle. Particularly with my grandma – we couldn’t give each other a physical hug but could have a cup of tea together. It’s so important and I’m so glad Tetley wanted to do this campaign.

You nominated your Nan to say thank you for always being there for you. In light of the upcoming International Women’s Day, are there any other women who have empowered or inspired you throughout your life?

There are loads! I’d need a lot of cups of tea to reward them all. There are tonnes of female coaches and management that have really helped me on my football journey. My mum too, of course. We have a lot of cups of tea together. My niece is only 7, but when she’s older I’d love to be someone she asks for advice for over a cup of tea. Not forgetting the inspirational men either! There are a lot of men who are allies for female sports. Your journey is never complete without the help of others. 

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