In the heart of Canton, Zak, owner of the quaint inclusive tattoo and piercing studio Still Hands, has curated a haven of tranquillity for people to escape today’s hustle and bustle. Renowned for fostering inclusivity and serenity, Still Hands embodies its ethos both in its artistic work and the ambience of the studio.

Credit: @stillhandstattoo

Uncover a personal haven of tranquillity at Still Hands, where Sitting invites you to embark on an inner journey of exploration and peace. Zak uses Sitting as an abbreviation for sitting mediation – a practice of taking time to be still with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Guided by Zak himself, Sitting offers an exclusive meditation experience for participants of all levels. Escape Cardiff’s chaos as you immerse yourself in an environment dedicated to calm and self-discovery.

Within the comforting embrace of Sitting, attendees gather to take part in a collective meditation experience. Through friendly introductions, connections are formed as participants share names and stories, fostering a sense of community within the group. Initiated by the gentle resonance of a singing bowl, the ten-minute guided meditation unfolds, leading participants through a journey of introspection and relaxation. Focused on the rhythmic flow of breath, this guided practice induces a profound sense of calm, providing solace amid the daily noise.

Credit: @stillhandstattoo

Post-guided meditation, participants ease into twenty minutes of silent reflection, enveloped by the serene ambience of Still Hands. Here, you can find space for inner exploration and rejuvenation. As the session concludes with a final bell ring, attendees are invited to linger and connect over green tea, exchanging insights and experiences with fellow meditators. Depart from Sitting with a sense of renewal and invigoration, having experienced the profound benefits of simply just slowing down.

For more information on how to get involved, visit @stillhandstattoo on Instagram.

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