In a groundbreaking initiative funded by the Cardiff Council, Community Catalysts is spearheading a transformative approach to care with its pioneering development programme. This initiative empowers individuals to create their own care or support micro-enterprises, marking a significant stride toward a new era of personalised care.

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The development programme offered entirely free of charge, plays a crucial role in ensuring that these micro-enterprises have all the necessary policies and procedures in place, prioritising safety and legality in their operations.

At the heart of this innovative approach lies the empowerment of service users, granting them a unique opportunity to choose their care providers, the type of care they receive and the timing of their care. This person-centred philosophy aims to foster independence and enable individuals to lead their “good life.” The spectrum of services offered is diverse, ranging from unconventional offerings such as DIY, pet sitting, guitar lessons and virtual shopping assistance, to more traditional services like personal care, cleaning and cooking. The flexibility of the initiative extends to private arrangements and may also be suitable for payment through Direct Payments — an entitlement that some individuals may not be aware of.

Community Catalysts goes beyond the initiation of new micro-enterprises; it extends its support to existing ventures, ensuring they meet the necessary safety and legal standards. The Small Good Stuff directory, an online platform, stands as a testament to this support, providing a space where these micro-enterprises can be listed. This directory streamlines the process for service users, healthcare professionals and others seeking care micro-enterprises in Cardiff.

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This initiative is a significant leap forward in reshaping the landscape of care services, placing the power of choice and independence firmly in the hands of those who need it most. 

For further information, visit or contact Sam Walker at Embrace the future of care in Cardiff with Community Catalysts.

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