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by Lisa Grace @suitcaseofsugar

You know it’s a good Cardiff Pride Weekend when even the food turns technicolour! From bright bakes to colourful cocktails and everything in between, we have you covered with our Pride Guide for a dangerously delicious gay ole time! 

THE NIGHT BEFORE: Warming up (your running shoes and party shoes)

Big Moose

Credit: Big Moose

One of my favourite coffee shops is Big Moose Coffee Co. Not only do they serve delicious tea, cake, brunch and a cheeky mulled wine at Christmas time, but they are also a safe space and community hub where everyone is treated with kindness and made to feel welcome. I am also a huge fan of Big Moose due to the impressively positive work they do to make mental health a priority, and their charity goals to support people through therapy and early intervention. 

Alongside some special pride cakes that will be available all weekend, Big Moose will be hosting the annual Pride Run held in collaboration with Albany Road Run Club. This will take place on Friday 21 June at 6.30pm, starting at Big Moose and taking a lovely 5K route through the beautiful Bute Park. The event is a chance for people to come together, have fun, and most importantly be themselves – and if like me you aren’t a runner, you are welcome to walk the journey! Celebrations will follow at Big Moose Coffee Co with a real party atmosphere to kick off Pride Weekend.

David Sinclair, Pride Cymru Organiser, shares: ‘By taking part we will also be making a positive statement about our belief in LGBTQ+ rights. The running community is hugely supportive of equality and inclusion, and it means a lot to me that every year we get not just LGBTQ+ runners showing up but many allies as well. As any runner will tell you – through running, you get to meet so many different people, people you maybe would never have met otherwise, and it opens your eyes hearing about different people’s lives and experiences. It breaks down barriers in many ways. It’s no wonder it’s a sport that brings people together.’


Bubble CiTea

Credit: Lisa Grace

Start your day with a pre-parade Bubble Tea. You won’t want to stand in the glow of the procession without a thirst-quenching drink in hand (and let’s face it, it’s only 11am, so we should probably keep it soft.) Grab a limited edition Pride cup positively bursting with rainbow bubbles from Bubble CiTea and sip in style! 

Company CEO and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community Suneet said: ‘At Bubble CiTea we believe in celebrating diversity and creating inclusive spaces. The Pride cups symbolise our commitment to raising awareness and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Let’s sip with pride and stand together for equality.’ 

I can highly recommend the Mango Fruit Tea as a refreshing base for those brilliant bubbles!

Vodka Revolution

Credit: Matt Drew @takenbymattdrew

Brunch is always a good idea, and bottomless is always better! Vodka Revolution will be delivering an explosion of colour by decorating the venue in vibrant shades of the rainbow, while staff will be face-painted and proud as they serve you a Rainbow Strip Tease or two! (Note: A Rainbow Strip Tease is a cocktail – this could really cause some confusion…)

The standard bottomless brunch is priced at £35, but if you really want to up the game and include some epic Mean Girls-themed cocktails to the mix, the premium option at £45 will definitely leave you – quote – ‘too gay to function!’.

The Queer Emporium

Credit: Queer Emporium

With full bellies and a boozy buzz, check out what’s happening at the gayest shop in town! Pride is an all-month event at The Queer Emporium and includes highlights such as Comedy ‘Work-In-Progress’ nights every Thursday where LGBTQ+ comedians try out their material before the trip to the prestige Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Welsh Language Nights running in Caerphilly, and Ginny Lemon returning on Friday 21 June for a very special edition of Transition. 

There will also be a brand new weekend brunch menu, a new wine menu and rotating guest vendors throughout the month featuring their small businesses in store for a limited period. Pride Saturday itself will see the launch of the new Sapphic night ‘BWTCH’ for butches and their fans (including a competition to crown The Butchest Butch). Whatever time of day you visit, there will be something spectacularly gay on the agenda – and be sure to pick up a limited edition Pride 2024 T-shirt while you are there.


Credit: Hayley Toms

One of my favourite places to visit during last year’s Pride was Silures on Wellfield Road for their limited edition painted rainbow pride cocktail. I absolutely loved the creativity of the striped glasses, which also made your tongue turn into a vibrant patterned flag!

This year Silures have created a whole range of new drinks to celebrate; each carefully crafted cocktail is a dazzling colour, forming a radiant rainbow of flavour and finesse. Over Pride Weekend, Silures will be donating 10% of cocktail sales to a chosen LGBTQIA+ charity in celebration.

Llanfaes Dairy

Credit: Lisa Grace

Of course, the centre of Cardiff will be party central on Saturday, so why not take a breather by popping down to Cardiff Bay for an early evening stroll along the waterfront?

After what will hopefully be a scorching hot day in the sun (please Mother Nature!), cool down with a chilled dessert at Llanfaes Dairy. This is my number one recommendation for the best ice cream in South Wales, and I’m so glad it’s finally on our doorstep. This year will see the return of Rainbow Ice Cream – a blend of creamy vanilla and childhood cereal craze Lucky Charms. Try it alongside a scoop of Salted Caramel – you won’t be disappointed!

Whatever you do this Cardiff Pride Weekend, eat well, stay safe and be proud of who you are!

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