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In a bold stride towards a sustainable future, WJEC, Wales’ leading examination board, has launched the innovative Sustainability in Action qualification. This program is designed to give the workforce of tomorrow the skills they need for net-zero jobs, aligning perfectly with Wales’ Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Developed in collaboration with the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner, the new qualification has already garnered significant interest from training providers across England and Wales. It aims to meet the growing demand for sustainability education by providing learners with crucial knowledge in leadership, change management, and stakeholder engagement. This initiative represents a significant milestone in sustainability education, setting a benchmark for future qualifications.

The formal launch of the qualification took place at the prestigious Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, at an event hosted by Derek Walker, the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, and Ian Morgan, the Chief Executive of WJEC. This landmark occasion underscored the importance of the qualification in addressing the climate crisis and preparing the next generation of workers for the challenges ahead.

According to Ian Morgan, ‘these qualifications will give learners the skills and confidence needed to address the climate issues with logic and care and equip them with the requirements to work successfully in sustainability and net-zero jobs. I am very excited about what the future holds for those taking these qualifications. It is imperative that we take whatever action we can amidst the climate emergency to promise a bright future for those after us.’

Derek Walker echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of the initiative for future generations. ‘Leaving a liveable planet for people born in the future is a noble obligation, and it’s exciting that people in Wales will soon be able to study how to protect the interests of future generations,’ he said. ‘These new qualifications will help take us towards the vision of Cymru Can, my strategy for a Cymru that’s a better place to live, with a bright and optimistic future – thriving, inclusive and green, as we work collectively to tackle the issues facing us now, like the climate and nature emergencies and increasing health inequalities.’

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Wyn Prichard, Sustainability and Net Zero Senior Consultant and Chair of WJEC Qualification Development Group, expressed his pride in contributing to the development of these pivotal qualifications. ‘As someone who has been involved in skills and training for more than 30 years, I feel privileged to have been engaged in the development of these key qualifications,’ he stated. ‘Sustainability is a key area of learning for all, and being a 100 Future Generation Changemakers and Wales chair of the Sustainability supply chain school, it is great to see this partnership with WJEC deliver this… The qualification will provide a foundation for the Welsh Government’s aspirations of a NET Zero business and skills base.’

Beyond the Sustainability in Action qualification, learners have the opportunity to delve deeper with a variety of optional units through the Sustainability in Context qualification. Further building on this foundation, WJEC is developing two Sustainability in Practice qualifications. The Level 2 Sustainability in Practice: Future Changemakers is designed to empower individuals to become sustainability changemakers, while the Level 3 Sustainability in Practice supports those with existing sustainability responsibilities within their organisations. These advanced qualifications emphasise practical skills such as leadership, strategic thinking, and the ability to lead and implement sustainable initiatives.

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