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Not-for-profit business-led organisation, FOR Cardiff, has been enhancing experiences in our city since 2016. They deliver a number of projects to elevate life in the city as well as acting as a voice for a number of businesses. Recently, FOR Cardiff has launched an AI-powered historical trail, ‘Talking City Trail’. This immersive experience allows you to uncover Cardiff’s hidden history by scanning one of the QR codes scattered around the city. The educational trail highlights the city’s iconic landmarks, including Cardiff Castle, Betty Campbell, and the historic arcades. Despite the popularity of these sites, they hold years of untold secrets that you may never have otherwise uncovered. Along the trail, you can learn about the city’s multifaceted past, for example, The Prince of Wales pub is located on the grounds of an old church which was destroyed in 1607 when a huge wave engulfed the Bristol Channel. The flood in the capital of our very city is believed to be Britain’s worst natural disaster. Who would’ve known?


Learning the history of Cardiff gives you a greater appreciation of the city you live in. From the Victorian arcades to Cardiff Market, there is so much to uncover. Talking City encourages people to delve deeper into the city’s hidden history, raises awareness of local businesses and allows you to “experience the places that make Cardiff unique”. The AI aspect of the trail marks a significant development in the city’s cultural offering. Using this technology means the ‘Talking City’ trail has the potential to adapt and grow in the future.



Understanding more about the city amplifies the connection between the individuals and our city. Ceri, the virtual tour guide, tells the story of Cardiff by “sharing facts, asking questions and sending pictures, audio and video of the specific locations through a two-way conversation”.


The trail has two versions, one for children aged six to eleven and one for all ages above. The one-hour and nine-stop kids’ trail provides a succinct introduction to the history of Cardiff in a fun and interactive way. If you want to delve deeper into Cardiff’s history, the other trail offers further detail, ranging from medieval times to the present day. There are fourteen stops on this tour and with its AI element, boredom isn’t even in the question.


While this trail focuses on the history of Cardiff, FOR Cardiff focuses on the future of the city. This month, FOR Cardiff will reopen applications for the City Ambition Fund with an event at Browns Cardiff. September 28th will mark the launch of the Cardiff Women’s Safety Charter at City Hall, followed by a march through the city, aiming to shine a light on women’s safety. The organisation is also preparing to launch a never seen before Christmas experience in the city centre in partnership with ‘From the Fields’, so keep your eyes peeled!


To keep up to date with their latest projects, visit their website: https://www.forcardiff.com/

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