Ice Skating at Vindico Arena


Whilst you may associate ice skating with Christmas, it’s certainly not a seasonal activity at the Vindico Arena. They welcome people of all ages, all year round, for you to fulfil your dream of being an ice princess/prince or just simply for some family fun. Vindico Arena offers British Ice Skating Association approved courses for people of all ages and abilities. The lessons are booked in blocks of six, which include a 30 minute lesson each week, alongside skate hire. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s a lesson for everyone. It’s best to be honest with yourself about your abilities, stick to the movements you’re comfortable with and don’t push yourself until you gain more confidence and experience throughout the lessons.


Credit: James Assinder


Learning new hobbies keeps us busy and stimulates the mind. Ice skating in particular offers a unique and enjoyable way to stay physically fit and promotes positive mental well-being. Ice skating can be likened to an art or a dance as it requires your presence, concentration and mindfulness, as well as lots of practice! When ice skating, you are more aware of yourself. Maintaining a rhythm while skating on the ice helps to soothe your mind and silence the noise, leaving you feeling mentally refreshed. Not only will it leave you feeling revived, it will have your heart racing and leave you aching the following day without realising it. Exercise without feeling like exercise? Yes please!


Credit: James Assinder


The lessons will prepare you for your ice skating journey however, brace yourself for a few bruises along the way. Ice skating is all about maintaining balance, which is easier said than done when trying to glide around ice effortlessly, gracefully and look up all at the same time! One piece of advice that has been echoed throughout ice rinks is to bend your knees and keep your head up. Easy right? You’ll have to find out for yourself!


Credit: James Assinder


More lessons are being released this month, so if you fancy yourself a new hobby check them out here:

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