When considering renovating any room in the home often people’s first port of call is a quick online search. Gathering inspiration for your project is super important as it allows you to build a picture of what you like and equally what you don’t like. Regardless of whether you want plain and simple or something much more adventurous, The Tap End bathroom design studio in Pontyclun has something for everyone… and here is the proof!

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In recent years we are seeing an upturn in requests for something a little different. Clients don’t always know exactly what they want, but they want something more exciting than what they previously had. It is the job of our qualified, trained and experienced bathroom designers to guide clients towards something that fits the brief but that will also stand the test of time. 

Making cloakrooms, ensuite and bathrooms more exciting is a challenge we love to take on! We have many ways to add interest to even the smallest of spaces. Options for interest can range from ambient lighting, coloured brassware and patterned tiles to boxing out sections for alcoves and building partition walls.

If you plan to move in three to five years then you should consider resale with your choices, don’t go too bold if you fall into this category. If you are staying for up to 10 years then resale still needs to be considered, but you should add in personal touches and elements for you to enjoy for the duration you will be at the house. 

Touches that you can enjoy but that can be easily changed in time include paint colours, wallpapers, mirrors and accessories. If you plan to stay in your home for 10 years or, you need to opt for higher-end products for longevity and add in features that you love – for example did you know we do TVs for bath and shower areas?

Try not to be trend-driven; committing fully to a trend in a bathroom can show its age down the line. Think more about your personal style and go with things that you know you will enjoy even when the trend has passed.

Credit: The Tap End

Achieve a more creative scheme by working with a designer to develop fun and innovative ideas. Undergoing a bathroom renovation can be messy and involve a lot of dust and disruption, but the design process is the fun part, so make the most of this opportunity to design a room that will make the upheaval worth it. Take your time researching and understanding what the process entails. Come in to meet us and talk about your wants and needs. Check out our reviews online

If you are embarking on a bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom project The Tap End can assist you in deciding on the best layout for your brief and how you use the room, help you spread your budget across the products so you have good quality throughout, show you interesting features and technology for the space, and of course create a colour scheme and tile choices that are both timeless and stunning.

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