Whether sufferers or supporters, we explore those awe-inspiring women leveraging their platforms to implement positive change.

Dr Ros Jabar

Credit: Kate Stuart Photography

Dr. Rukhsana Jabar, known as Dr. Ros to her patients, is a GMC registered doctor dividing her time between the Polytrauma Unit at the University Hospital of Wales and her own venture, Ros Medics. With over 10 years of experience, she skillfully combines her background as a Consultant Pharmacist and Pharmacy Owner with her medical expertise.

At Ros Medics, beyond personalised treatments, the clinic fosters community empowerment through events, workshops and educational sessions, promoting a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Ros is a firm advocate for recognising and treating women in the workforce with respect and providing essential flexibility. Reflecting on her journey, she believes flexibility, particularly regarding priorities such as her children, would have allowed her to excel in emergency medicine. Faced with the need for a better work-life balance, she charted her course, founding her own business.

Kate Basche and Gervase Fay

Credit: Health and Her Menopause

In 2019, Kate Bache and Gervase Fay co-founded Health and Her with a mission to bring clarity to the realm of female health, particularly in navigating the journey through menopause. Their vision was to establish a next-generation menopause care platform, combining smart, data-driven technology, science, evidence-backed natural approaches and medical advice to empower women.

Setting themselves apart, Health and Her focuses on perimenopause, emphasising the significance of early intervention for better outcomes. Kate and Gervase are passionate advocates for women’s health, continually evolving their brand to provide innovative care tailored to women’s diverse menopause experiences, stages, symptoms and preferences. In 2023, the pair were shortlisted for Scale-Up Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Poppy Williams

Credit: @stoma_scene

Poppy Williams, a 26-year-old with Ulcerative Colitis is the proud owner of a stoma that saved her life. Poppy underwent a life-changing journey battling the disease for five years before facing an emergency stoma surgery in 2021. Overcoming the initial stigma surrounding stomas, she openly shared her story on social media, creating ‘Stoma Scene’ (@stoma_scene) an online community offering support and advice. Poppy aims to break stigmas, emphasising that having a stoma is the start of a healthier life. Supported by family and friends, she now empowers others to embrace their stoma journeys, recognising the transformative impact it has had on her own health and strength.

Nia Tyler

Credit: @niatylermusic

Nia Tyler, a survivor of stroke and a dedicated advocate for young individuals facing brain injuries, experienced a life-altering event while studying Psychology at university in 2019. Enduring a stroke at the age of 20, she now grapples with a brain injury, contending with chronic fatigue, migraines, tinnitus and concentration issues. In 2023, Nia participated in discussions at the Houses of Parliament concerning the UK Acquired Brain Injury Bill, aiming to standardise post-stroke rehabilitation care across the UK. Her compelling story has been featured on BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru, ITV, and S4C.

Embracing the realisation that life is too short, Nia has embarked on a new journey as a singer. Engaging in performances at weddings, corporate events, charity galas and private functions, she draws inspiration from pop, soul, with a touch of country and a penchant for power ballads. Nia aspires to create original music, envisioning her own tours in the future, while continuing to pursue her passion.

Sophie Richards

Credit: @theendospectrum

At 21, Sophie Richards received a diagnosis of endometriosis after enduring a five-year battle with chronic pain, bloating and irregular cycles before medical professionals recognised her condition. In response, she launched @theendospectrum on Instagram and TikTok, using social media to share her personal journey and offer valuable tips to others facing similar challenges.

Sophie has expressed gratitude for the care she received from NHS clinicians, although she highlighted challenges in accessing their services. Concerned about the impact of endometriosis on her fertility, she opted to spend around £15,000 to freeze her eggs at a London hospital. Acknowledging her financial privilege, Sophie advocates for a more open conversation surrounding the financial and social realities of endometriosis.

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