The Potted Pig is getting ready to celebrate its 13th anniversary in Cardiff. It’s been an incredible journey of hard work and dedication, but they’ve emerged as true champions of hospitality in the city.

Despite facing tough times in the British hospitality industry, The Potted Pig has remained strong. Challenges like Brexit and COVID-19 didn’t stop them; they kept growing from strength to strength. For The Potted Pig, thirteen isn’t unlucky — it’s a symbol of how tough they are and how much they’ve grown.

To commemorate this milestone and show gratitude to their loyal supporters, The Potted Pig has planned a week-long celebration from the 18th to the 23rd of June. The festivities will include special events featuring guest chefs presenting their signature dishes, a nostalgic journey through the establishment’s staffing history and plenty of drinks to keep the party going all week long!

During this celebratory time, The Potted Pig will bring back old favourite dishes on their menu, priced just like they used to be. Plus, they’re running social media competitions where you can win their new Piglet discount cards, giving you a generous 20%-40% off.

The Potted Pig is also gearing up to join the action at the Principality Stadium for the Pink and Taylor Swift concerts in June. So, whether you’re planning a pre-show feast or some drinks to kickstart the party, they’ve got you covered.

Everyone’s welcome to join the fun and celebrate their strength, hard work and great hospitality! To book your table and for a chance to win a Piglet discount card, head to The Potted Pig website and quote ‘PIGLET DISCOUNT’ when booking:

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