In partnership with Cardiff Vale College and sponsored by the Welsh Government, the world’s first Anti-Racism Further Education has featured for the first time as an interactive piece in the curriculum. The immersive experience created by mXreality and the Metaverse Hub makes Wales the first country committed to the goal of achieving an anti-racist society and educational system by 2030.

The Metaverse experience will allow students to be educated on topics associated with Black and Minority Ethnic Minorities in a 3D interactive learning environment. The virtual space allows the student to travel in time to interact with historical figures and events to gain a deeper understanding of racism.  There are also videos of lived experiences of people in Cardiff, education on black hair and beauty and historical facts from around the world allowing the students to get a chance to understand different cultures. 

The Metaverse technology is revolutionising the way students learn and engage with the curriculum by making learning effectively more enjoyable. Additionally, the Metaverse is an important feature for students from underrepresented backgrounds and part of the BAME community to feel represented and taught history that may be about them. In doing so, this will bridge the attainment gap and foster more inclusive conversations within education. There will be a range of different and diverse subjects available in the curriculum and most importantly the approach aims to further educate students on Wales’ diverse history. 

The Metaverse Hub provides a new way of virtual learning to encourage students to engage more with the content at hand, work in teams and participate in discussions remotely or in the classroom.  There is also a degree of flexibility in which educators can tailor the experiences and assignments making the learning within the metaverse more personalised.

This is a significant transformation in the educational system which extends beyond the traditional classroom resources to challenge racism and create a more equitable future.

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