Jukebox Collective is a youth-led and community-oriented organisation on a mission to build a platform that supports, nurtures and empowers future generations. Jukebox Collective was founded in 2001 by Liara Barussi. Liara has always been dedicated to creating platforms for young creatives to tell their stories, and Jukebox Collective brought this vision to life. What started a grassroots dance company is now a collective completing groundbreaking work to develop structural changes within the wider arts industry. In 2017, Jukebox Collective became the first Black-led company to receive funding by the Arts Council of Wales. From this point onwards, they have only continued to provide platforms for diverse talents, amplifying under-represented voices and encouraging individuals to control their own narratives. The work that Jukebox Collective is doing ensures that the individuals and communities of modern Wales have access to transformative experiences, breaking down many of the systemic barriers that exist within the arts industry.

Equal opportunity is a core value of the Jukebox Collective, which is what led to their development of the Jukebox Academy. The Academy is a space dedicated to students, allowing them to unlock their potential as part of a three-year artistic development programme. With sessions ranging from Hip Hop to music and multimedia, to film-making and Contemporary dance, the multi-disciplinary classes on offer at Jukebox Academy prepare students for a collaborative and creative career in the arts.

In 2022, Jukebox Collective partnered up with Lab7 to launch their music academy. These programmes touch on every element of musical production, from beat-making right the way through to recording. The sessions and insight afforded to students through the Jukebox Collective’s Academy ensures that they are equipped with the vital skills needed to breakthrough in the arts industry.

The work of Jukebox Collective does not just strive to revolutionise the arts industry, but also the lives of those involved with the organisation. For many of the people in the Jukebox Collective’s network, discrimination, inequality and injustice is an everyday lived experience. This is why Jukebox Collective pride themselves on the work that they are doing to actively remove social, economic and geographic barriers and fight systemic issues. By putting in this work now, and nurturing today’s creative minds, Jukebox Collective are hoping that the next generation will be able to reap the benefits of a more equal and equitable future.

To find out more about Jukebox Collective’s mission, visit: http://jukeboxcollective.com/

To find out about future audition dates for the Jukebox Academy, visit: http://jukeboxcollective.com/academy/

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