After a stint at Cardiff University studying Illustration, Elliot and Kay, founders of ArtHole, quickly became disillusioned with the hustle of nailing down freelance work and competing with fellow artists for spaces at markets, so decided to set up on their own. Looking to create an environment that placed less of an emphasis on making money and more of a focus on bringing together like-minded illustrators, celebrating a craft that often feels a bit overlooked, ArtHole was born.

ArtHole is an illustration driven retail space and community hub in Cardiff’s Castle Arcade, specialising in illustrated and printed goods from both local and emerging creatives. Think tote bags, clothing, ceramics and “nice things”. The duo are on a mission to support Cardiff’s illustration community, giving them an enhanced platform in the early stages of their career and helping them to build sustainable careers. ArtHole is an authentic reflection of both Elliot and Kay and they take great pride in the fact that they do everything in-house. Their greatest privilege is bringing “fellow creatives along on the journey with them”, they told us.

ArtHole is a registered CIC (community interest company), meaning that any and all profits generated by themselves will be reinvested into the business itself and the wider illustration community. In the near future, their submission-based magazine to help showcase emerging illustrators and writers is due to make an exciting comeback. So, if you’re not local to the city centre but still want to get involved, their mag may just be your answer. The pair also have plans to collaborate with some local small-press businesses to bring the people of Cardiff another market before the end of the year, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Credit: Elliot & Kay – ArtHole

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