Anthem Music Fund Wales is a youth music charity supporting young people aged 0-25 and those who work with them through funding, partnerships and initiatives. They believe that music is a potent creative force for young people that feeds self-expression, personal development and wellbeing. Based in Cardiff, they deliver funding and run youth projects across Wales for young people to engage in opportunities across genres and communities, nurturing diverse talent to take the next steps to musical careers.

Working alongside some youth music organisations in Cardiff and all over the country, it’s clear that community is an integral part of how Anthem functions. The community of the Welsh music scene, Youth Forum alumni, trustees, music organisations and everyone who supports Anthem is what keeps them strong to continue providing support for young music lovers.

Anthem also holds an online Atsain Practice Network for Welsh organisations in the arts to develop their practice, share better practice and work towards a more inclusive and accessible music sector for young people. The Anthem Gateway is a product of the Youth Forum’s suggestions on how to improve knowledge and community. This is for young people in Wales who love music and want to find out they can get involved, established by young creatives to help build a better understanding of how the music industry works and create a pathway to future careers: whether it’s onstage, backstage, back office or in the audience.

Young people can get involved in this community by applying to the annual Anthem Youth Forum, which gives young people a space to explore the music industry and a voice to influence key issues around music and young people in Wales. Anthem are currently looking to expand and grow upwards throughout Wales. In their words, “There is still lots to be done in Wales when considering accessible and fair opportunities in music and it is vital that we continue working towards creating a Wales in which music can empower every young life”.

For those young people who are looking to get involved in the music scene but are unsure where to start, there are some fantastic places to start engaging in music, according to Anthem. Anthem Gateway is a one stop shop brimming with resources and regularly updated opportunities. Their podcast, Amplify, features stories about youth music in Wales and focuses on a range of music questions you may have. It’s also packed with advice from professionals in the music scene!

Anthem has supported and partnered with some incredible organisations and projects that are local to Cardiff. You may have heard of Sound Progression, New Era Talent, The Hold Up, Lab 7, Jukebox Collective, National Youth Arts Wales, Beacons and many more!

To find out more about how you can get involved in supporting their mission or feel like the charity could help you, visit:

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