Cardiff is Set to See a Dining Concept Like No Other in the City


Six by Nico, founded by visionary chef Nico Simeone, delivers a totally unique and immersive dining experience that has captured food fans all across the UK. Prepare to go on an extraordinary dining trip that will positively tantalise Cardiff’s taste buds, with an expertly produced six-course meal that “takes guests on a thrilling journey through time, spaces, and places” and evolves every six weeks. Six by Nico distinguishes itself with its devotion to affordability without sacrificing quality, inventiveness, or flavour. Forget all you thought you knew about tasting menus, Chef Nico has changed the landscape by presenting a symphony of sensations that can be enjoyed by everybody without breaking the bank. To learn more about the first six-courses that Cardiff will experience, keep reading until you reach our exclusive interview with Chef Nico. When the doors of Six by Nico open to the public on August 14th, the city’s culinary landscape will be transformed.


Head to their website to sign up for exciting menu announcements and make bookings:

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