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Last month, we headed down to Six by Nico, situated on Cardiff’s High Street, to embark on a journey through time, spaces and places by way of a carefully curated six-course tasting menu. Visionary Chef Nico Simone is devoted to providing affordability without compromising quality, inventiveness or flavour. With six courses for £39pp and a matching wine option for an additional £30pp, I can certainly vouch for that!





With Nico himself on the pass to see the team into a night of success, we knew we were in for a treat. The staff were able to reel off the ingredients of each dish upon service and had the incredible wine knowledge to match. Our ‘Chippie’ experience, featuring re-imagined chip shop classics, certainly was a taste bud tantaliser.





Six by Nico’s interior takes inspiration from both the dragonfly insect and our city of Cardiff. The awe-inspiring decor encapsulates the essence of Cardiff through its discreet references to Cardiff Castle and our beloved Cardiff Market, incorporating our iconic arches into its design. The notes of deep green and wing-like adornments throughout truly embody the dragonfly. If you look carefully, you can see Chef Nico’s Scottish Italian heritage throughout the restaurant’s interior.





You have until September 24th to get your hands on ‘The Chippie’… if there’s any space left! To book your table or be the first to find out about their 6-course theme week commencing September 4th, head to:

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