Silent Disco by Motel Nights



Motel Nights are hosting a silent disco at Cardiff’s National Museum, a perfect opportunity for you to let your hair down and boogie with your friends or family. On arrival, you’ll receive a set of headphones connected to three channels and at a flick of a switch, you can change which music you’re listening to. The DJs will be taking you on a musical journey through the genres and battling it out for your loyalty. Sing along and party the night away in one of the city’s most distinguished buildings. Can’t get a babysitter for the night? No worries, this family-friendly event will run from 6pm till 8pm to ensure no one misses out. After 9pm, the venue will change into a 18+ event with the chance to buy some drinks at the zero waste bar.


Credit: Nathan Roach – Coal Poet Photography


Sound like your sort of night? Don’t miss out on the limited tickets:

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