Embarking on his journey in the realm of rugby with the Cardiff Blues and amassing an impressive 32 caps for his national team, Louis Rees-Zammit is not merely confined to the world of sports. Beyond the field, he is set to make waves with the launch of his innovative sports drink brand, Savitar. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the story behind Savitar and uncover the passion and vision driving this innovative venture.

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Hey Louis, it’s great to meet you! So tell us, how was the idea and name for Savitar born?

Hi team, it’s good to talk. Sure! After years of being involved in professional rugby and consuming countless energy drinks, I didn’t feel that they provided a complete solution to training so we decided to create Savitar. The project has been ongoing for 2 years to ensure we nailed down the right ingredients and flavours. We’ve now arrived at what we think is a tasty and functional sports drink that can take an athlete from the beginning of the workout, right through and past the recovery stage. We’ll be looking to develop the brand as we go on to fit the needs of our consumers. The name came from the ancient god of movement Savitr, which we thought would be very fitting!

Can you tell us more about the products and how they can aid performance?

There is a series of 3 drinks. A pre, an intra and a post. Each is specifically designed to aid each stage of the workout. The pre-drink contains caffeine, the intra contains electrolytes and the post contains protein and antioxidants (along with vitamins in each drink that help the body function efficiently during exercise). We have also introduced botanical extracts in the form of ginseng (pre), goji berry (intra) and turmeric (post) which have been heavily researched in recent years and suggest that they can help with each stage of your workout.

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You’re currently at the height of your professional rugby career, but what are Savitar’s plans for the year ahead?

As a brand, we plan to keep expanding and pursuing other avenues of the health and fitness industry – my rugby career gives a good platform for the brand but also shows that what we have created with Savitar works. I’ll be consuming the drinks consistently to help my performance on the training ground and on the pitch.

What are some of the skills that you’ve brought from your sports career into business?

I’d probably say resilience is a big one as with any start-up, there have been some obstacles to overcome but we have finally achieved something that we think is unique and will really benefit any active person. A strong work ethic as well – you need to be self-motivated quite a lot in sport and I think the same in business. Especially when you’re setting up a new one as nobody is telling you what to do!

Looking past 2024, what is your long-term vision for the business?

We’re gonna try to grow the business naturally over the next few months (and hopefully years) intending to grow outside of the UK. We also don’t just intend to use rugby as a platform as we feel the benefits of this drink stretch across all types of physical exercise and anything that demands a strain on your body. It’s a really exciting time with the business and hopefully, we’ll build a community to get behind the brand and create some cool events/moments in the near future.

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To follow Louis and his journey with Savitar, make sure to head over to @savitardrinks on Instagram.

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