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The start of June marks not only the beginning of Pride, but also the Global Day of Parents, giving us the perfect occasion to look at same-sex adoption statistics, celebrate positive developments, and highlight organisations doing great work to help LGBTQ+ parents realise their dream of raising a child. 

According to Welsh Government statistics, the number of same-sex couple adoptions in Wales has gone up from a mere one in ten to a quarter between 2012 and 2024, with the last twelve months seeing a significant increase (23%) in LGBTQ+ households becoming foster parents.

St David’s Adoption Service

St David’s Adoption Service recently released an LGBTQ+ adoption guide designed to be a go-to resource for members of the LGBTQ+ community embarking on the adoption journey. This guide brings together earnest advice from both same-sex adoption advocates and experts, and it’s all about creating a welcoming and supportive space for prospective adopters.

Covering everything from potential challenges to societal views, the guide delves into topics such as mental health, medical concerns, family environment, legalities, employment, and housing. It’s packed with practical tips, encouraging stories, and valuable resources to empower LGBTQ+ individuals to approach adoption with optimism and self-assurance.

A standout feature of the guide is its collection of real-life stories from LGBTQ+ adoptive parents. These personal accounts provide a window into the realities of adoption, highlighting both the hurdles and the triumphs. The stories aim to inspire and guide anyone in the LGBTQ+ community considering the rewarding journey of adoption.

Read the full guide on 

Foster Wales 

Earlier this year, Foster Wales played a pivotal role in celebrating New Family Social’s LGBTQ+ Adoption and Fostering Week, shining a light on the joys and opportunities of same-sex adoption. At Foster Wales, the mission is clear: to transform the lives of children by providing exceptional support and training (as well as a generous financial allowance) to those looking to become foster parents. The organisation offers an array of fostering options, ensuring that every potential foster parent can find a path that feels right for them. With a welcoming office space in Cardiff, Foster Wales is deeply committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where every child experiences happiness and every participant feels valued throughout their fostering journey.

Learn more about the work Foster Wales does at 

The National Adoption Service

Another Cardiff-based organisation championing LGBTQ+ Adoption and Fostering Week was The National Adoption Service. Founded in 2014, this innovative agency employs a three-tier system, forging partnerships with voluntary adoption agencies across Wales, and collaborating with health and education services, among others. It’s a supportive gateway for couples and individuals eager to embark on the adoption journey.

The National Adoption Service website features heartfelt stories from families who’ve gone through the adoption process, including Rick and Alan, a couple who recently adopted their son. When talking about their goals as new dads, their feelings, and the adoption experience, Rick shared, ‘I never felt like I was being assessed throughout the whole process, it just felt like someone was coming round and getting to know us. They want adoptive parents! The reason they question you is so that you are fully prepared for the scenarios ahead. I think every parent should go through it because it really makes you think about what kind of parent you’re going to be. It’s prompted us to think about things before being in the situation, rather than having to just deal with it there and then.’

The National Adoption Service is deeply committed to supporting LGBTQ+ adoption, providing abundant resources and support to ensure every adoption journey is a successful one.

Find out more about The National Adoption Service at 

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Together Over Tea

Last month, Together Over Tea welcomed Cardiff-based queer individuals and couples looking to explore either growing their family through adoption or offering children care as foster parents. The LGBTQ+ adoption and fostering drop-in was hosted by the St. David’s Children’s Society at Pettegrew Bakery. Attendees were treated to an informative session over hot drinks (the ultimate comfort factor), during which they had the chance to connect with fellow community members as well as adoption and fostering professionals in an environment that feels welcoming and safe. 
Keep an eye on the St David’s Children’s Society events page for future dates:

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