Rhys Thomas is a former international rugby player, inspirational speaker, mental health ambassador, mentor and charity co-founder who has channelled the struggles he has overcome to enhance the lives of others. 

Born in South Africa and enjoying a successful international rugby career, Rhys had a “work hard play harder” attitude before he fell victim to a life-changing heart attack during training in 2012. After suffering irreparable damage, Rhys underwent surgery to install an LVAD pump, having to rely on a mechanical heart to survive. Struggling with his new reality, his mental health deteriorated and the trauma he suffered led to an alcohol addiction. Heavy drinking resulted in facing near-death experiences weekly until Rhys hit rock bottom in 2019 and entered rehab. 

Finally, Rhys was getting the help he needed and his life changed forever. This experience became his turning point, leading to inner peace, presence and a renewed purpose: to support others through their struggles. Rhys began to share his story, breaking stigmas and speaking about the raw, honest truth about mental health struggles. 

Now, Rhys continues to demonstrate his incredible character by talking about mental health, addiction, athlete transition, resilience and self-discovery in schools, businesses and local authorities as an ambassador for the charity Tidy Butt. Tidy Butt, which has provided expert advice and support since its creation in 2020, offers well-being talks, mental health advice and community events as they strive to offer vital help to those who need it most. They have also created the ‘Tidy Butt Library’, an online bank of resources, articles, techniques and videos that provide the spark to help improve mental health. 

Rhys is a shining example of perseverance, determination and overcoming unimaginable lows. Overcoming fear and forging a new mindset and life outlook changed his life and this new perspective has allowed him to improve the lives of others in a plethora of ways. 

To find out more about Rhys’ story and current path, visit realrhysthomas.com 
Or, explore what Tidy Butt Charity is up to at tidybutt.co.uk

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