Have you got an old stereo that you keep meaning to fix? A bike that you can’t quite work out how to get back on track? Or maybe that dress that you swore you were going to patch up but never quite got around to…

Well, you’re in luck! Repair Café Wales is an incredible non-profit organisation that runs events that enable volunteers to try and fix almost anything that’s brought to them. The Repair Café Foundation was originally founded by Martine Postma in Amsterdam in 2011, but the movement has since spread worldwide and now there are over 1,500 Repair Cafés globally. The mission? To create “a society empowered to work together to reduce waste, share skills and strengthen our communities.” It’s a fun, social way to transform the community, bringing people together as they transform their household items into fully working and useful objects once again, as well as championing sustainability and circular economies. 

Repair Café Wales, founded by Joe O’Mahoney and Cerys Jones in 2017, is dedicated to combating the problems of wasted materials, loss of skills and attitude to consumerism. Repair Café Wales events encourage attendees to bring in their household items, ranging from t-shirts to toasters and they also offer training and advice for those who wish to learn new skills. Typical repairs include basic bicycle maintenance, electrical appliance repair, computing assistance, sewing, ornament repair, woodworking and much more. In fact, they will look at most things, except microwaves. 

There is a host of events in Cardiff that are being organised by Repair Café Wales this May, so wherever you are in Cardiff, you can get involved. Locations include Cathays, Grangetown, Rhiwbina, Splott, Fairwater, Canton and Ely with multiple dates over the entirety of May. 

For a full list of locations, dates and times, visit the Repair Café Wales website.  repairCaféwales.org 

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