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Mountain Yoga offers indoor and outdoor classes to help you savour the remaining summer days. The idyllic space has views of the prominent Garth Mountain, giving you time to switch off and fully escape the noise of the city. There are four locations to practice yoga on the site, including the open-view studio where the majority of the classes take place. The whole glass front opens up, offering fresh air and peace throughout your class. There’s a decking outside for those warmer days, to help you feel at one with your surroundings. The waterfall platforms offer a unique peaceful experience, expect, birds tweeting and water rushing. Their fourth and final area, the hillside platforms, offers a completely open setting and, with that, a feeling of freedom.


They offer multiple classes throughout the week, with various yoga practices. Feeling low on energy? No worries, Mountain Yoga offers wellbeing retreats that give you a chance to take some time to recharge and rejuvenate. Hold onto the last of summer by getting your sweat on surrounded by rolling hills and verdant trees. Experience a sound bath where you are bathed in sound waves, helping you release any stress you’ve been holding onto. Improve your quality of sleep and overall happiness with each pose. Let yourself relax by learning meditative practices, watching the sunset as you sip on a hot chocolate and learn the art of breathwork.


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Acknowledging your presence can be a healing and regenerative experience. The act of practising meditation and yoga, whether it be a few minutes or hours, can help renew your sense of spirituality and emotional balance, leaving you with a fresh sense of clarity and sparking energy that may have previously been buried. So, if you’re taking our advice and heading ‘back to school’, this retreat may be the perfect way for you to unwind.


Yoga-goers have hailed Mountain Yoga instructors as “brilliant and very supportive” and say the classes are “taking us back to the meaning of true wellbeing and health”. Escaping the stresses of life can only be positive, especially in this leafy setting. The indoor-outdoor setting is perfect for welcoming in autumn, giving you the option as to where you practice.


Looking for a new innovative way to team build with your colleagues? Good news, Mountain Yoga also offers the opportunity to work with organisations with the mission of boosting staff wellbeing. Promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace helps boost motivation and employee morale. Happy team, happy life!

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