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Get ready to paint the town with the colours of the rainbow at Pride Cymru 2024 – Wales’s ultimate bash for equality and diversity. This inclusive extravaganza invites folks of every age and background to come together and champion diversity. Mark your calendars for 22 and 23 June, as Cardiff Castle transforms into a hub of love and acceptance, welcoming over 50,000 attendees from near and far.

Get ready for a whirlwind weekend celebrating love, acceptance, and equality. Picture this: two electrifying stages pumping out beats to get you moving, a mile-long parade where you can strut your stuff and show your pride, an array of mouthwatering cuisine to tempt your taste buds, dazzling cabaret performances that will leave you in awe, a special family area for the little ones to join in on the fun, a bustling community market offering all sorts of treasures, and a plethora of family-friendly activities to keep smiles plastered on everyone’s faces throughout the festivities. And here’s the cherry on top: children under five get in for free! 

What to expect

Year after year, Pride Cymru extends a warm invitation for folks to join the Saturday parade. Whether you’re flying solo or marching alongside friends and family, the parade floods the streets of Cardiff city centre with a sea of peaceful participants. It’s a radiant display of unity, with many local businesses proudly joining in, championing equality and standing in solidarity with their LGBTQ+ employees. 

Thanks to Pride Cymru’s deep community ties, the event has blossomed into more than just a parade – it’s the perfect chance to connect with local LGBTQ+ organisations. Pride Cymru rolls out the welcome mat for community groups, ensuring their voices are heard loud and clear throughout the weekend. And let’s not forget about the Faith Tent – because during the Big Weekend, everyone’s welcome, regardless of their religious beliefs.

But wait, there’s more! With a dedicated Family Area and discounted tickets for the little ones, Pride Cymru has become a go-to day out for families of all shapes and sizes. The Family Area offers a smorgasbord of activities to keep the kiddos entertained, including a lively dog show full of furry friends.

Hungry? Fear not – around Cardiff City Hall Lawns, you’ll find rows upon rows of food stalls dishing up mouthwatering delights. Whether you’re craving plant-based eats or a hearty burger, there’s a tasty treat waiting for you.

When it comes to entertainment, each year Pride Cymru pulls out all the stops, welcoming over 50 acts to the stage. From pop sensations to drag royalty, there’s no shortage of star power. Past headliners have included the likes of everyone’s beloved Charlotte Church and the legendary Boney M. Plus, the dedicated cabaret stage is a haven for music lovers and performance enthusiasts alike, with tribute acts belting out chart-topping hits and comedians bringing the laughs. 

The team behind the rainbow

Behind the vibrant spirit of the festival, Pride Cymru is a charity fuelled by passionate volunteers dedicated to erasing discrimination in all its forms – whether based on sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, disability, or any other factor.

The organisation’s mission is simple yet powerful: to champion equality and embrace the rich tapestry of diversity within local communities. The volunteer team honours and uplifts the contributions of LGBTQ+ individuals, striving to foster connections. 

Beyond the iconic annual Pride event, which brings the community together in celebration, the charity works year-round to foster unity and support among all facets of the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Pride Cymru’s roots trace back to a time when hate crimes surged, prompting collaboration between South Wales Police and the LGBTQ+ community, culminating in the inaugural Cardiff Mardi Gras in 1999 – the precursor to Pride Cymru’s Big Weekend.

What began as a grassroots effort has blossomed into Pride Cymru – a beacon of hope and solidarity for Wales’ LGBTQ+ population. The Big Weekend has evolved into a beloved, family-friendly affair, providing a platform for diverse voices to be heard and shared. Through partnerships and engagement across the region, the organisation strives for acceptance and mutual respect.

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Five facts about Pride Cymru

1. Back in 2003, Amnesty International seized the spotlight during the event, shedding light on countries that outlaw same-sex relationships worldwide.

2. In 2006, Cardiff Mardi Gras revved up excitement with the debut of TopGayer, the first-ever gay motor show. They even rolled out a secret shopper survey, revealing insights on how over 150 UK car dealers treated LGBTQ+ customers.

3. Fast forward to 2012, and Cardiff Mardi Gras hit the streets with its inaugural parade through the heart of Cardiff city centre. Talk about taking the carnival vibe to the next level!

4. The festival’s growth has been nothing short of remarkable. From a £50,000 affair in 2002, it’s ballooned to nearly £200,000 in organising costs. In 2013, a stroke of community genius saw the event relocate to the Millennium Stadium, slashing venue expenses, but the hustle to secure funds remains a year-round effort.

5. In 2015, Pride Cymru clinched a Silver Award from Attitude is Everything, becoming the first Pride event in the UK to earn such acclaim for improving accessibility for deaf and disabled attendees. And guess what? They’ve now ascended to Gold Award status, cementing their status as only the second Pride in the UK to reach that pinnacle of inclusivity.

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