Pink Portraits 2024 will feature 10 photographs by Sarah Scorey, a photographer based in South Wales, showcasing LGBTQ+ professionals employed by Transport for Wales.

Credit: Pride Cymru

In 2023, the Pink Portraits theme was “Behind the Lens,” offering an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the lives and professional accomplishments of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender individuals, and the broader queer community. This theme emphasised the significance of representation and visibility, highlighting the contributions of LGBTQ+ individuals across various fields and industries.

The Pink Portraits 2024 exhibition will be showcased across various public spaces in Wales during Pride Month (June). Produced by the Iris Prize Festival in collaboration with Ffotogallery and Transport for Wales, the project aims to celebrate diversity and inclusion. Marie Daly, Chief Customer and Culture Officer at Transport for Wales, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasising the organisation’s commitment to inclusivity and looking forward to honouring LGBTQ+ colleagues through this initiative.

Credit: LGBTQ+ History Month
Credit: Iris Prize
Credit: Iris Prize

Sarah Scorey, who holds a first-class BA Hons in Photography with a specialisation in fashion and editorial photography from the University of West of England, will present her work alongside a behind-the-scenes video documenting the process of capturing the portraits. The completed film will be screened at Pride Cymru in Cardiff, on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd June.

Expressing her gratitude for the opportunity, Sarah Scorey stated, “I’m extremely thankful and grateful to have been picked for this amazing opportunity… Photography has been a source of empowerment for me, so I’m really looking forward to using photography as a tool of empowerment and seeing what we create!”

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