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After completing degrees in pottery sculpture and fine art, Meg and Simon opened Peggy’s Pots, named after Meg’s nan, Peggy. They have a large array of ceramic Bisqueware, from mugs to plates, to picture frames and everything you can think of in between. All you have to do is turn up and paint; they will glaze and fire in their kiln. They offer a range of events for both kids and adults because, why should all the fun be left for the kids?



Cardiff’s only pottery painting business, Peggy’s Pots, hosts ‘Adult BYOB Evenings’, which are “some of their most fun-filled events”. The studio can seat up to sixteen adults, where you will have three hours of complete creative freedom. Choose what you want to paint and off you go! The workshop has a tool wall where you can choose from various sponges, stamps and other crafty tools and brushes that will help you bring your vision to life. Two weeks later, after your pottery has been fired and glazed, you can pick up your masterpiece and put it in pride of place in your home.



Customers often come in for art therapy, looking for a break from their fast-paced city life.  Meg and Simon like to say “everyone is an artist”. Some people come in with little confidence in themselves but leave with their product, feeling proud of what they created. Simon and Meg are always on hand to dish out some handy tips and tricks or inspiring ideas if you’re in a creative rut. If you’re a newbie to the craft, they offer some handy advice, “Use shaped sponges to get perfectly symmetrical shapes and our wire tools to create petals for flowers or just super cool swirls”.



As you can imagine, Peggy’s Pots has seen some pretty wild pieces. Some of the more wholesome pieces are a ‘Fins of Anarchy’ penguin, an array of groovy mugs as part of their ‘Ugly Mug Workshop’ and even a whole tea party on a singular plate! Peggy’s Pots provides the perfect environment to reconnect with old friends and new dates. If you want to start pottery painting but have no one to go with, attending may feel daunting but Meg and Simon urge you to take the plunge and come along! The community is welcoming and you’ll meet many friends along the way. If this sounds like your idea of fun, why not take your hens there? The bride and her hens will all be given a glass of fizz on arrival and you’ll be given the chance to throw your own pot on the pottery wheel as well as decorate another pottery piece.



Thinking about going soon? Head over to their Instagram for some creative inspiration: @peggyspots

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