In 2017, the idea of creating something political, cult-inspired and satirical first came to a group of musicians who would later form Papa Jupe’s T.C. The founding members included Sam on guitar, Harry as the frontman and lyricist and Alex on bass.

Since their inception, Papa Jupe’s T.C. has collaborated with a variety of musicians, with 19 different members having played with the band at the last count. However, they have now settled on a solid 7-piece group, with Ash on drums, Tom adding synth playing, Lucian on trumpet and Gemini, a Nashville import, on vocals, expanding their sound beyond the classic 4-piece rock band and giving them what they believe is a unique sound in the Cardiff music scene.

Despite being an unsigned band, Papa Jupe’s T.C. has seen its audience grow from a few friends and family members to sold-out venues. They express gratitude for their small but devoted fan base, who consistently stream their releases, attend their shows and support them by buying and wearing their merch.

Cardiff boasts an amazing and diverse music scene, accommodating a variety of styles and genres. Papa Jupe’s T.C. draws inspiration from bands outside of Wales, aiming to bring a sleazy post-punk sound to Cardiff. They noted that other bands in the Cardiff scene, such as SHLUG, Monet, Nookee, Rainyday Rainbow, Dan’s People and Sweatbox, uplift and support each other.

The band holds fond memories of venues like Castell Coch, where they played their first gig and The Moon, which supported them in their early days. Other venues like Porter’s and Tiny Rebel have also been instrumental in their journey.

Papa Jupe’s T.C. is proud to be part of a city with such a rich musical history and a strong sense of national pride. They have upcoming releases and gigs, including a headline show at Chapter Arts, a renowned institution in Cardiff’s artistic community.

You can follow their musical journey over on Instagram at @papajupestc

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