Outdoor Cinema Cardiff: A Cinematic Experience to Remember

The UK’s biggest outdoor cinema tour, Adventure Cinema, brings an experience like no other to Cardiff. On the outskirts of our city, you’ll discover a collection of botanical gardens with an estate that dates back to 640 AD. You’ve guessed it, Dyffryn Gardens. Over September’s second weekend, you’ll find an outdoor cinema for three nights, showcasing a collection of your all-time favourites; Dirty Dancing, Top Gun: Maverick and Grease.



Before the air starts to crispen up, leaves fall off the trees and summer fades away, we should embrace our beautiful surroundings and take part in some outdoor activities. What’s better than watching cinematic classics under the stars? The rise in popularity of the outdoor cinema experience is evident. The cinematic experience reminds us of a time when people would head down to drive-in cinemas, orat least the romantic experience we see in films! Being surrounded by nature definitely adds to the ambience.


The opportunity to be completely submerged in nature is one that we shouldn’t pass up on. As our day-to-day lives are growing ever more preoccupied, we have to take a breather. Nature is a holistic way to help our minds; taking part in an activity that is typically enjoyed inside can help clear your mind and escape day-to-day worries. The fresh air of the open-air cinema will leave you feeling relaxed and is a great excuse to unwind with loved ones, be that friends, family or a partner.



What would the cinema be without snacks? Be sure to remember your favourite snacks and maybe a bottle of wine to share. Should you forget, there’s a huge choice of snacks and drinks available at the venue. All you need to do is lay down your picnic blanket or set up your camping chairs and you’ll be set. Doors open a couple of hours before, so you can bring cards or a couple of other games to play and really make an evening of it, savouring the last of the summer.


Savour your summer with an outdoor cinema experience. For more information: www.adventurecinema.co.uk/

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