In the last three decades, some of the world’s most valuable companies have emerged from the visionary minds of young graduates. Brands such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook stand as testaments to the power of youthful innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Enter the Alacrity model, conceived by Professor Simon Gibson CBE and Owen Matthews, bolstered by the support of Sir Terry Matthews. This model harnesses the untapped potential of UK graduate talent, capitalising on their learning agility, focus, cost efficiency, fresh perspectives, blank canvas approach and digital alignment.

At its core, Alacrity UK empowers entrepreneurs, drives innovation and invests in people. Alacrity’s core programme aims to connect budding entrepreneurs with demand-led business ideas and like-minded co-founders to build tech and cyber based startup companies. They deliver applied expert mentoring alongside a tax-free monthly stipend and access to investor networks to enable start-ups a springboard to success.

Alongside the core programme, Alacrity UK runs a number of business growth programmes to help businesses scale, partnering with organisations such as Cyber Innovation Hub and Media Cymru.

Alacrity’s main aim is to act as a pillar for startup growth, acceleration and support in Wales. Alacrity is passionate about entrepreneurship and developing the startup ecosystem in the UK.

Alacrity Current Teams: Founded in 2024


The innovative QR code security solution redefining the QR code experience. QRLA provides top-tier QR code security for individuals and businesses. Their app ensures safe scanning for consumers, while their B2B solutions protect organisations from QR code vulnerabilities.

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Lumin Solutions empowers the child social care industry with a cutting-edge DigitalCare Assistant tool designed to improve the quality of care for children. They put emotion, relationships and people at the centre of their design and ethos.

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The success of the Alacrity model is further demonstrated by the accomplishments of its alumni:


Founded in 2021. Streetwave maps mobile network performance, highlighting areas with no coverage and unidentified weaknesses. This information enables municipal governments to empower citizens, drive innovation, improve social care efficiency and identify holes in the emergency services network. Streetwave provides geographically comprehensive insights that anyone can understand; collected sustainably.

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Founded in 2021. Validient is a digital client onboarding and engagement system, built for the professional services industry. The first Phase of Validient provides a complete onboarding process for commercial clients which includes KYB, KYC, AML and PEP checks. Validient extends further to streamline internal processes through an action management system.

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Founded in 2018. Surple build software that helps organisations to optimise their energy use. Through their platform, they are enabling businesses to change the way people view energy. Surple visualises and maps energy usage against trends to identify and reduce the amount of energy that organisations consume.

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Founded in 2016. Hut Six provides information security awareness training that protects companies through a measurable, bespoke, cloud- based campaign. Providing a comprehensive solution to the greatest information security vulnerability: the human factor.

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