Launched by professional athletes and led by an experienced and dedicated team, Nutrivend’s core focus is making healthier options more accessible. This is achieved through providing responsive, knowledgeable and reliable vending services, offering access to a vast array of global sports nutrition brands.

Nutrivend has recently announced its acquisition of CSN Formulations, operating as CSN Supplements, marking a significant milestone in the Welsh sports nutrition landscape. This strategic partnership merges the strengths of both entities, creating a formidable force dedicated to serving athletes and fitness enthusiasts throughout the UK.

This collaboration underscores the shared vision of both companies for growth and exceptional customer service. Scott Morgan, Founder and CEO of Nutrivend, expresses enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating: “We are incredibly excited about Nutrivend’s acquisition of CSN Supplements. This move enhances our solutions offering by incorporating CSN’s established e-commerce platform and extensive product range. It signifies a significant leap towards providing our customers with an unparalleled online shopping experience and access to a broader spectrum of premium nutritional

supplements. This marks a pivotal moment for us as we merge our strengths to better support everyone’s health and fitness aspirations.”

Nutrivend’s robust national distribution infrastructure and diverse product portfolio will merge seamlessly with CSN Supplements’ loyal customer base and commitment to quality. This integration promises a wider array of products, enhanced online shopping experiences and exceptional service for all customers.

Marc Robinson, of CSN Supplements, sees the acquisition as a tremendous opportunity, “By joining forces with Nutrivend, we can extend our reach, diversify our product offerings, and elevate our level of service. We are confident that this combined force will emerge as a major player in the Welsh sports nutrition market.”

This strategic acquisition heralds positive developments for the Welsh business landscape. The amalgamated entity will create new job opportunities, foster growth within the sports nutrition sector in Wales and establish a prominent Welsh brand as a leader in the UK market.

Looking ahead, Nutrivend plans to leverage its consolidated resources to invest in a robust online presence, expand its product range and enhance customer service offerings. This commitment underscores dedication to building upon the strengths of both companies and exceeding expectations within the sports nutrition industry.

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