As part of Newport Transport’s goal towards a total electric fleet of buses by 2028, two new Yuntong U11DD electric double-decker buses and 11 new E9L Yutong single-deckers have been added to its fleet. Newport Transport now has 57 fully electric buses, representing 80% of the regular non-school operation, reducing carbon emissions and providing eco-friendly transport solutions within South East Wales.

Ian Downie, Head of Yugtong Uk said “The E9L builds upon our experience with over 180,000 zero-emission vehicles in service with 40.7 billion km of operation. The vehicles share the same industry-leading safety systems, with lithium iron phosphate chemistry batteries, which are widely considered to be the safest chemistry available.”

The state-of-the-art transport investment into a cleaner journey is a milestone for the company as the first electric double-decker buses are in operation around the area. The Yutong U11DD double-decker electric buses have only recently been introduced to the UK market with its seating capacity of 70 passengers and will now be in operation on the 30 and X30 routes between Newport and Cardiff.

David Jenkins, the Interim Managing Director at Newport Transport, expressed gratitude for the efforts of Yuntong and Pelican in adapting their E9 product for the UK market, enabling the addition of single-door electric midis buses to their fleet. These new buses mark another significant step in their transition to an all-electric fleet.

In Wales, there are currently 94 electric buses operational, with Newport pioneering their introduction back in 2019 through Newport Transport. The incorporation of these latest fleet enhancements signifies Newport’s achievement of its goal for all public transportation to be free of fossil fuels by 2035. 

After a meticulous process of testing, selection, collaboration and anticipation for their arrival spanning two years, Newport Transport is now pleased to manage a fleet consisting of 33 entirely electric buses. This constitutes 32% of the daily fleet needs, making Newport’s electric bus fleet the largest of its kind in the UK, excluding London.

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