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Boulders is a climbing centre that aims to provide a friendly and inclusive environment for both experienced and novice climbers of all ages, where people can forge memories pushing themselves to new heights. We spoke to Ollie Noakes, the joint owner of  Boulders, who told us about the fun to be had at his climbing centre.


Boulder’s vision is to empower climbers, equipping them with the essential skills needed to achieve their climbing goals. Struggling through his academic years, Ollie was introduced to climbing by one of his teachers, and just like that his passion for climbing was born. They taught him the basic skills needed to gain his instructor qualifications, that way he could work as an instructor after leaving school. He was immediately hooked. Wanting to share his passion for climbing, Ollie found it pushed him even more to obtain his qualification.



Over the past 15 years, Ollie has seen “thousands of people from all walks of life, from children who don’t enjoy mainstream sports finding their new hobby, to those looking for a confidence boost and a fun way to exercise.” They have several users with additional needs who have “flourished since beginning their climbing journey”. It’s no secret that sport nurtures a sense of community. Ollie has seen people come to the climbing centre knowing no one and make a whole group of friends. He claims the centre has even been responsible for a marriage or two! “I’m proud to have welcomed a lot of adults who thought sport wasn’t for them, who have since found a space in our community.”


Sport can foster confidence in people who take part. “Many people think climbing is only for adrenaline junkies or super active people, but it’s far broader than that! Think of running – some people sprint 100m or run an ultra-marathon, and some people jog around the block or do fun runs. Climbing is comparable in that you climb in a way that suits you. As well as the physical element, there’s also a strong mental element involved in the problem-solving aspect of the sport.”



If you’ve got a celebration coming up or you simply want a fun day with the family, look no further than Boulders. There aren’t many sports where the whole family can participate, children and grandparents alike, but as Ollie knows, climbing is one of them. Boulders run ‘Give It A Go’ classes for anyone over seven years old. All the equipment is included and there is a fully qualified Boulders instructor on hand to supervise. “We try to remove all the barriers to climbing and make it very accessible.” Being accessible is something that Boulders pride themselves on.


The team at Boulders also run birthday parties for children who want to have fun with their friends and do something active, all parents need to do is bring the cake! Oh, and the children of course.  If you’re looking to keep the kids entertained this summer, Boulders also have plenty of events planned. “We have a friendly monthly climbing event, outdoor climbing taster days for adults and children of all ages, as well as a BBQ night”.


Fancy learning the ropes? Check out their website, or pop into Boulders at Culverhouse Cross or Newport Road.  To book a family day out visit:


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