Growing up in the Vale and attending school in Cardiff, Alys Carlton eventually found herself
in Edinburgh for university. The allure of the legal world called, leading her to Nottingham,
where she spent 12 years honing her skills as a corporate solicitor. However, as her second
son entered the world, the pull of home became undeniable. A strategic move during
maternity leave paved the way for a career shift. Joining Capital Law, she not only headed
the team but also delved into firm strategy and client relationships.

Credit: Alys Carlton

Having experienced coaching that unveiled an opportunity to collaborate with senior lawyers
and engage in conversations about their personal challenges, Alys decided to depart from
the legal profession just as the pandemic unfolded. Currently, Alys offers trusted partner
services to leaders globally. Simultaneously, she took on roles as a non-executive director
and chair of the Football Association of Wales, along with a position as a judge in the Mental
Health Review Tribunal for Wales.

Acknowledging her largely untroubled journey regarding gender-related challenges, Alys
attributes this to a supportive environment. She underlines the importance of men
understanding their role in supporting women’s progress in the workplace, recognising
privilege and using it to assist those who need it. While she believes men hold the keys to
societal change, she emphasises that it’s not women’s sole responsibility to fix these issues.
Alys’ perspective on advancing gender equality revolves around affordable childcare and a
shift in organisational focus from confidence to competence in performance assessments.
She advocates for acknowledging and valuing women’s skills and contributions, particularly
in addressing the gender pay gap within the legal profession, where women making partner
positions is a key issue.

Credit: Mike Erskine

Despite challenges related to childcare and stereotypical expectations, Alys sees immense
potential in the growth of women’s football, providing opportunities for girls and women in
various roles. Her journey, marked by a lack of self-doubt and seizing opportunities, serves
as a testament to the importance of being attuned to possibilities.

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