The Power of Lifelong Learning


Learning something new as an adult may feel daunting, but education is a privilege that shouldn’t be reserved solely for children and teenagers. The multi-award-winning tutoring service, Cardiff and Vale Tutors, provides tuition for people of all ages and in all subjects. Being voted the leading private tuition provider in Cardiff for the past nine years, they create the ultimate safe space for learning.


Cardiff and Vale Tutors promises to provide affordable and accessible learning for all areas of Cardiff and the Vale, with a vision to help every child and adult to fulfil their full potential. Gaining new skills can help the mind feel stimulated, open up more career options and help improve your problem-solving skills. Stepping out of your comfort zone and throwing yourself into a new subject will, over time, also boost your confidence. Academic skills aren’t the only way to expand your knowledge. Learning a foreign language can help you feel more connected to the world around you, especially when travelling, as it helps to bring barriers down. You will no longer have to be ‘that British person’ who just speaks louder, perhaps with a slight French accent, in hopes of ordering their chips.


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School is very important however, for some, it can be more challenging due to the structure and lack of singular focus. Cardiff and Vale Tutors offer the opportunity to shape your learning to what suits you best. The Cardiff and Vale Tutors owner and manager, Helen Glynn, explains “Personalised tuition leads to students feeling more motivated and engaged in their learning”. Cardiff and Vale Tutors offer the opportunity for learners to move at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed. Taking time on your learning will improve engagement, knowledge retention and the ability to apply your knowledge.



Are you thinking about giving education another go? Cardiff and Vale Tutors offer some friendly advice, which is to “Remember that you have gained a lot of transferable skills throughout your life and you’re not starting from scratch”. As adults, everyone’s life calendar is a little bit here, there and everywhere, so it’s essential to dedicate time to your independent study. This will help with exam preparation later down the road because, let’s face it, we’ve all felt underprepared and overwhelmed by an exam. Exams are often clustered together, with students finding it hard to concentrate. Following Helen’s advice along with the following advice from their blog; have a revision schedule, take quality breaks and look after your health, there will be no need to stress. You’ll be flying.


Their services range from KS1-3 right through to A-Level, with ESOL tuition available if English is your second language. Many adults also seek to further their knowledge in I.T. This can be delivered at a convenient time to work around your other commitments. Tutor sessions can be done online, in person, within a small group or one to one.


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Thinking of heading back to school? Check out Cardiff Vale Tutors website for more information:

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