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For many years, business was considered a man’s world. However, strong-minded women are continuing to break through, rewriting this male dominated narrative and earning a well-deserved seat at the table. As countless women are forging successful career paths in the world of business, they are coming together in large numbers to empower, inspire, and learn from one another. Learning from kindred spirits within your industry and beyond can help to develop your business, expand your network, and change your mindset. No matter who you are, be it an experienced CEO or an emerging entrepreneur, the ability to learn from like-minded people is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. 



Jigsaw Business Women is a not-for-profit group based in Pontypridd. Hayley Kneath, a financial advisor with SLD Wealth; Karen Howell, founder of Zebroid Marketing; and Helen Corsi-Cadmore, who established the retail brand Tiger, have recently collaborated to become the ongoing committee. These women are extremely successful in their fields and understand, from both a professional and personal standpoint, just how important learning from like-minded women can be. So, they are on a mission to ensure that businesswomen across South Wales have access to an educational network of inspiring and determined women. For the past twelve years, their organisation has brought the businesswomen of Wales together through open networking events, which include guest speakers and opportunities for one-to-one discussion. For many people, the thought of walking into this kind of environment can be extremely daunting, which is why the volunteers behind Jigsaw Business Women pride themselves on the safe space that they have created. On the first Wednesday of each month, when members walk through the doors of Pontypridd’s USW Exchange, they will instantly be greeted by a host of friendly faces, eager to inspire and uplift each other. As a not-for-profit group, each year they support a different local charity and give a dedicated amount to the charity at the end of the year. Their next event will be held on September 6th, with all profits set to be donated to Welsh Women’s Aid, a charity working to put an end to all forms of violence against women.


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At every stage in life, education is a key ingredient for success. The ability to learn is what helps every entrepreneur get their first foot in the door. But, it is the desire to expand upon pre-existing knowledge, and the willingness to step outside of comfort zones, that ensures real success in the world of business. Whilst many entrepreneurs may enrol on courses or read books to sharpen their skills, there is no denying that the best education comes straight from the source. From a professional standpoint, networking events – such as those hosted by Jigsaw Business Women – can really help to elevate your business to the next level. During these events, you will be surrounded by a wealth of wisdom just waiting to be explored. By liaising with like-minded professionals in this environment, you will begin to gain beneficial insights into business strategy from peers, whilst also nurturing connections that could benefit the future development of your business, through avenues such as collaborative work.



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Additionally, networking can also help you to develop and grow personally. Networking enhances personal skills, such as self-confidence, and encourages a strong and empowered mindset; skills that are vital in all areas of life. Alongside its opportunities for open networking, Jigsaw Business Women invites a guest speaker to each event. Mwenya Chimba, head of training at Welsh Women’s Aid, will be speaking at their next event. By shining a spotlight on local charities at each event, members are encouraged to individually reflect on their position within society, learning how they can show compassion and understanding to those who need it most – a desirable trait both in business and in life.



The members of Jigsaw Business Women thrive in this empowering and educational environment. Paula Hansen, a relatively new member, explains that her decision to join was “easy” thanks to the welcoming “room full of inspirational entrepreneurs, willing to share their experiences” with her. Jigsaw Business Women has created an environment which allows female entrepreneurs at all stages in life to inspire, uplift and empower both themselves and other women, proving that it is never too late to expand your network and learn some vital new business skills. 



Jigsaw Business Women’s next event will be held at Pontypridd’s USW Exchange on September 6th. Guests can visit 2 meetings before deciding to join the network for just £40 per year. Bookings to attend can be made here: www.jigsawbusinesswomen.co.uk/

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