In today’s competitive business world, success depends not only on finances but also on keeping employees healthy and happy. More increasingly, businesses are focusing on their employees’ well-being. One area that often gets forgotten about is hearing health.

Audiology Associates Ltd is renowned for its commitment to exceptional hearing care. With a main office in Ebbw Vale, Cardiff and clinics across South Wales, they provide advanced technology and comprehensive support to all patients. Led by experienced audiologists Rhys Barber and Leah Morris-Barber, the team offers free hearing tests and a 2-week trial for hearing aids, ensuring personalised care for every patient.

But, why should businesses prioritise employee hearing health? It’s not just about altruism; it makes good business sense.

  • Untreated hearing loss can hinder communication and productivity. Promptly addressing hearing health issues ensures employees operate at their full potential.
  • Hearing loss correlates with increased absenteeism due to stress and isolation. Regular screenings and care reduce these risks, fostering a healthier workforce.
  • Supporting employee hearing health cultivates a positive work culture and boosts morale, enhancing engagement and retention.
  • To comply with the Noise at Work Regulations 2006, employers must provide health surveillance (Audiometric testing – also known as hearing tests) for all their employees who are likely to be regularly exposed to noise above the upper exposure action values (85dB), or they are at risk for any reason (e.g. they are particularly sensitive to hearing damage or they already suffer from hearing loss).

Prioritising employee hearing health is both a moral obligation and a smart business move. If you’re looking to enhance workplace wellness, productivity and demonstrate genuine care for your employees, you’ve found your next steps. 

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