Meet Helen, an award-winning business advisor, coach, and consultant, known for her entrepreneurial drive and dedication to helping others build successful ventures. With a diverse background spanning various industries, Helen grew the retail brand Flying Tiger into a multi-million pound enterprise with nine UK stores in just five years.

Credit: Helen Corsi-Cadmore

Starting her journey at her parents’ greengrocer market stall in Cardiff, Helen developed early skills in building relationships and sales. She would wake up at 5am, learning all about building relationships and of course – selling fruit and veg. Her career evolved from selling shoes on London’s Oxford Street to opening three new agency branches in property sales.

As a leader, Helen achieved a remarkable £1.2 million turnover in the first year at Flying Tiger, culminating in a £6 million exit. Despite this, in addition to her career accomplishments, Helen’s proudest personal achievement as a woman is successfully overcoming challenges in her fertility journey. Despite facing life-threatening obstacles, she showed remarkable resilience while trying to start a family and manage a thriving business at the same time. This dual journey highlights Helen’s strength and determination in both her personal and professional life. In reflecting on her experiences, Helen emphasises the importance of self-care, stating, “It’s crucial to remind yourself that you are the most important person in all that you do. The emails will still be there tomorrow!”


Now, Helen shares her extensive experience, knowledge and skills with businesses, education partners and personal clients. She is passionate about empowering success and continuous growth. As a mentor to businesses, she provides practical guidance, collaborates with education partners to share real-world insights and engages with personal clients to foster their development. Helen’s commitment to empowering others reflects her dedication to inspiring lasting success.

For more information, visit Helen’s website here.

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