If you’re feeling inspired to get outdoors but not quite sure where to begin or who to go with, you may have found your answer. Girls Who Walk Cardiff was established and is organised by four young women living and working in the city. United by their shared passion for fostering a community for like-minded girls, they aim to create a safe space where local girls and young women can forge strong friendships.

Meetings for Girls Who Walk Cardiff occur every two weeks on either a Saturday or Sunday, alternating between Cardiff city centre and Cardiff Bay routes. The group welcomes anyone, particularly those new to the area, including students seeking weekend walks and new friendships. Membership spans a range of ages, typically falling between 20 and 40 years old.

As the group continues to evolve, the organisers are enthusiastic about its growth in 2024. In addition to the regular walks, they plan to incorporate more social meetups, such as picnics in the park once the weather warms. New walking routes are also in the works.

Many who have joined their walks enjoy bringing their dogs – a great way of sparking conversation with other group members and perhaps finding a furry friend for their furry friend! In celebration of National Walking Month in May, the group invites new members to join their walks on the 12th and 26th to support the initiative and spend time outdoors. 

For updates on upcoming walks, follow Girls Who Walk Cardiff on Instagram @girlswhowalkcardiff 

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