Freight Logistics Solutions (FLS), a market-leading provider of logistics and freight management solutions is proud to announce the recent signing of a landmark 5-year contract with Tri-Wall UK, an award-winning global packaging manufacturer.

Tri-Wall UK’s endorsement of FLS speaks volumes about the quality and effectiveness of the services provided. Through this partnership, Tri-Wall UK will continue to leverage FLS’s expertise to enhance its logistics operations, enabling them to offer more flexible solutions and expand their capabilities.

Commenting on the extended partnership, Tri-Wall UK expressed their satisfaction, stating, “Freight Logistics Solutions has been integral to our logistics and operations, making it possible to offer more flexible solutions whilst allowing us to grow our capabilities. Signing a 5-year contract means we will be able to continue this offering, expand our UK operations wider, and support our sustainable journey even more. We’re proud to be an ‘FLS Connect’ client; thank you for supporting us in the past, present, and future.”

In addition to celebrating this significant partnership, FLS is excited to introduce three new service offerings designed to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses:

FLS Forward: Providing variable freight shipping solutions with access to the UK’s largest network of engaged vehicles, FLS Forward offers instant pricing, trusted carriers, dedicated road movements, load visibility, express options, and round-the-clock availability.

FLS Connect: A comprehensive 4PL service catering to regular, volume-booking customers, FLS Connect offers reduced contract pricing, enhanced transit coverage, no fuel surcharges, access to top-quality carriers, and a UK-leading digital platform – the FLS Connect portal.

Freight Customs Services: FLS specialises in freight customs services, offering expert support to navigate the complexities of customs declarations post-Brexit, ensuring smooth cross-border operations.

These innovative services are poised to redefine the logistics landscape, offering unparalleled flexibility, reliability and sustainability to businesses throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. Through FLS’ market-leading data hub and digital platform, businesses can access unparalleled insights into their carbon savings and scope 3 emissions, essential to scaling and business success in the current global environment. Gavin Peters, CEO of Tri-Wall UK, commented on the FLS digital platform and stated “Last year, working with FLS, looking at that portal, we saved 80 tons of CO2. That is by customer, by truck, by company, that we can look at and we can share that information with our customer as well. The portal is the key. The open access to that portal and that data is amazing.”

FLS remains committed to delivering excellence in logistics solutions, empowering businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic market environment. The company looks forward to continuing its successful partnership with Tri-Wall UK and serving as a trusted logistics partner to businesses across the UK and beyond.

For more information about FLS and its services, click here or contact +44(0)1633 288 400

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