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Top researchers from Aberystwyth University believe photographs may hold the key to unlocking people’s unspoken politics. The Senedd in Cardiff Bay recently hosted the final exhibition in a series called ‘Framing the Future: Photography from Wales, Scotland and Catalonia,’ by the Centre for Welsh Politics and Society. This exhibition featured 46 photographs by 35 photographers from three nations, exploring sentiments around independence. Curators Dr Elin Royles and Dr Anwen Elias aim to analyse the data collected to understand the power of photographs in sparking difficult political conversations. Dr Elias explained, ‘Photography is a powerful tool in providing a more rounded understanding of what’s going on, and to help determine to what extent emotion dictates people’s standpoints on issues like independence.’

At the Senedd exhibition, discussions included researchers, participating photographers, and author Will Hayward, emphasising creativity’s role in political discourse. Early findings suggest that photography offers a unique way to engage in discussions about Wales’s constitutional future. The final research by Dr. Elias and Dr. Royles, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, will be published later this year.

Event photography: Huw Evans Picture Agency on behalf of Centre for Welsh Politics and Society

Exhibition photography: David Mayne, Hayley Thomas, Richard Jones

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