As International Women’s Day approaches, it’s crucial to celebrate the strength, resilience and well-being of women in all aspects of life. In the realm of fitness, one form of exercise stands out as particularly transformative for women of all ages – Reformer Pilates.

At Stiwdio Glow, we recognise that Reformer Pilates is not just a workout; it’s a holistic approach to fitness that empowers women by focusing on core strength, pelvic floor health and mindfulness. The unique design of the reformer bed allows for individualised support and challenge within the same class, catering to the diverse needs of women.

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The emphasis on core and pelvic floor muscles, coupled with mindfulness, addresses specific needs that are often overlooked in traditional exercise routines. In our dedicated women-only classes, we concentrate on enhancing core strength, refining posture and increasing flexibility while correcting muscle imbalances.

The low-impact nature of Reformer Pilates is gentle on joints, making it suitable for women at all stages of life. Whether prenatal, postnatal, or peri/post-menopausal, women can reap the rewards of this exercise, ensuring mobile and safe joints while fortifying muscles and bones. This is especially valuable for those managing endometriosis or dealing with core/pelvic floor-related concerns or dysfunction.

The secret to the effectiveness of Reformer Pilates lies in the combination of movements with breathwork and correct alignment. This not only results in a physically strong workout but also cultivates a mindful connection between the body and mind. Pilates, at its core, promotes a healthy mind alongside a healthy body.

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Stiwdio Glow takes pride in the belief that our Reformer Pilates classes not only transform women’s bodies but also elevate their confidence. Our classes are rooted in Pilates principles, ensuring a robust workout that respects both the physical and mental aspects of well-being.

We invite women from all walks of life to experience the life-changing benefits of Reformer Pilates – a journey towards empowerment, inside and out.

Betsan de Renesse 

Women’s Health Exercise Specialist 

Founder: The Glow Method 

Co-Founder: The Glow Method at Home

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