A true rising Cardiff star, Emma Morgan has been awarded a gold medal for her exceptional performance in the largest skills competition in Wales. 

Skills Competition Wales is run by the Inspiring Skills Excellence in Wales project and aims to inspire excellence and drive talent across different skills sectors. The project is funded by the Welsh government and collaborates with a wide web of colleges, work-based learning providers and employer-led organisations. The competition spans many industries and professions, including culinary arts, aeronautical engineering and renewable energy.

This February, Emma competed in a series of challenging events alongside a record-breaking 1,129 representatives, all vying to be named best in their sector. Emma displayed incredible skill and knowledge in her competitions, which ultimately led to her earning a gold medal in IT Network Security and being able to say that she is officially the best in Wales. The awards ceremony took place on the 14th of March 2024, where Emma received well-deserved recognition for this incredible achievement alongside the other medalists. 

Reflecting on the event, Emma said: “I’m over the moon to have won a medal – it’s a massive honour! Having the opportunity to take part in such a prestigious event is most definitely a benefit and has shown me what networking in the real world looks like. It makes me excited to think of what could be possible in the future.”

Now, Emma can advance to the next stage of the competition at WorldSkills UK, where she will represent Team Wales on the national stage. The 47th International WorldSkills competition will be hosted in Lyon, France. Welsh competitors will have the chance to represent Team UK – hoping to claim that privileged ‘Best in the World’ spot in their vocational skills. 

Wales First Minister, Vaughan Gething, says that Skills Competition Wales is an amazing way for Welsh youth to display their skills. “Skills Competition Wales serves as the perfect platform for our youth to push their boundaries and showcase their talents,” he says. “It’s truly inspiring to see these young individuals take pride in their work and continuously strive for excellence in their chosen fields.”

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