Imagine peace, imagine calm, imagine a state of inner tranquility. The kind of peace that fosters mental wellness, providing a sense of security and safety within oneself. Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, achieving such peace might seem like a distant goal. However, amidst the continuous news of wars, famines, and the overwhelming influx of social media delivering multiple interpretations of events, maintaining mental wellness can feel like an uphill battle. That being said, here are some practical tools to help us navigate life, granting us a real chance at attaining some sort of normalcy and aiding us in finding that elusive inner peace and mental wellness. Self-talk, mindfulness, and breathing are essential components, each contributing to mental wellness in multi-layered ways.

1. Self-talk: Often, we tend to judge ourselves too harshly, setting unattainable standards. Being realistic with oneself is crucial. Remember, nobody is perfect, and personal growth is a journey. Self-care isn’t solely about oneself; rather, it’s about self-awareness and mental wellness. Your inner dialogue, or self-talk, should be a priority. Embrace the concept of positive self-talk. Acknowledge that it’s okay to engage in self-conversation. Monitoring your inner dialogue serves as a barometer of your mental health. Negative thoughts can dominate your mind, leading to overthinking. Implement a healthy dose of positive self-talk. Employ the 3 C’s method: Catch it, Check it, Change it. By practicing this method, you’ll enhance focus and reduce anxiety. Catch the negative thought, check its accuracy and helpfulness, then change it by cultivating positive thoughts.

2. Mindfulness: Cultivate self-awareness, both internally and externally, without judgment but with acceptance—equanimity. It’s acceptable to have differing opinions from prevailing trends or societal pressures. Uphold your individual thoughts and ideas. Mindfulness involves being present in the moment, observing the world around you. Embrace the sounds of nature—the birds chirping, leaves rustling. Listen intentionally when others speak and find peace within yourself.

3. Breathing: Our ancestors embedded in our DNA the fight-or-flight response for survival. Although we’re not facing dinosaurs, the 21st century presents its own challenges. Breathing practices and meditation can help combat ailments like asthma and COPD, enhancing mental wellness. Dedicate a short daily period to improve breathing through apps like the Balance App, offering free memberships for a year to new users. Engage in walks for exercise and fresh air, immersing yourself in nature. Pets can significantly reduce stress levels, contributing to mental wellness. Additionally, uplifting music serves as an excellent mood booster. Self-care, both physical and mental, is essential; after all, your health is your true wealth.

Written by Erin Rosheen Spear

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