In a world where innovation and education go hand in hand, Cardiff is home to a group of exceptional women who not only push the boundaries of knowledge but also transform the landscape of education. From pioneering research to groundbreaking teaching methodologies, these ladies are inspiring the next generation and shaping the future of learning.

Dr. Hana D’Souza

Credit: Cardiff University

Dr. Hana D’Souza is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Human Developmental Science and heads the Cardiff Babylab. Her research delves into attention and motor skill development, particularly in early childhood and its impact on learning. Focusing on infants and toddlers with neurodevelopmental conditions like Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome and Williams syndrome, she aims to understand and address learning challenges in these crucial years. Dr. D’Souza aims to revolutionise early years support by integrating cutting-edge technology and developmental frameworks, maximising learning opportunities for young neurodiverse children.

Dr. Renata Jurkowska

Credit: Tobias Schwerdt

Dr. Renata Jurkowska is a molecular biologist specialising in epigenetics, stem cells and lung biology. Her research fellowship targets idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a debilitating condition characterised by irreversible lung scarring and progressive breathlessness. Dr. Jurkowska aims to revolutionise IPF diagnosis and treatment, envisioning novel therapies to regenerate lung tissue and restore normal breathing. With an urgent need for effective treatments, Dr. Jurkowska’s work focuses on understanding IPF development and accelerating the discovery of epigenetic therapeutics for chronic lung diseases.

Dr Kate Ledwoch

Credit: Genesis Biosciences

Dr. Kate Ledwoch is the Laboratory Manager at Genesis Biosciences. Kate brings a wealth of scientific expertise and has spearheaded vital research and development projects, representing the company at scientific conferences across Europe. Going forward, she will drive R&D initiatives, optimise laboratory processes and uphold the highest standards of product quality and safety, continuing to develop purposeful products and witnessing their positive impact. Kate is committed to advancing Genesis Biosciences’ innovative microbial technologies and ensuring their continuous enhancement and refinement.

Dr. Cynthia Sandor

Credit: Cardiff University

Dr. Cynthia Sandor, a UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI) Emerging Leader, heads research at the UK DRI’s Cardiff Centre. Her work focuses on using machine learning to gain insights into Parkinson’s disease (PD) progression. Over the past four years, Dr. Sandor’s research has delved into the molecular mechanisms driving PD severity and progression. She aims to investigate the cells which play a crucial role in the disease’s development. By studying these cells in PD patients and individuals at risk, specifically those with REM sleep behaviour disorder, Dr. Sandor seeks to develop preventive treatments. Her multidisciplinary approach integrates genetics, immunology, AI and more to address this complex challenge.

Dr April-Louise Pennant

Credit: Fatima Halidou

Dr. April-Louise Pennant works to highlight the neglect of Black British girls and women in the English education system. Over four years, her ESRC-funded research involved 42 interviews revealing the systemic challenges they face from primary to university level. Her upcoming book, Babygirl, You’ve Got This! Understanding the Experiences of Black Girls and Women in the English Education System examines how race, gender, ethnicity and social class impact their educational journeys. Dr. Pennant exposes the mental toll of navigating the system, advocating for decolonisation, expanded mentoring and funding initiatives to address these issues. She aims to empower Black British girls and women, shaping policies for future generations.

Dr Esma Izzidien

Credit: Liga Stevenson Photography

Dr. Esma Izzidien, MBChB, MRCGP, leads Cardiff Montessori School, leveraging her unique blend of medical expertise and Montessori background. A mother of two, Dr. Esma initiated a Montessori parent and toddler group in 2014, evolving it into a thriving school with 80 students and 20 staff, recognised by Estyn. The inception of Cardiff Montessori School in 2016 as a playgroup has since expanded to include a nursery and primary school. Balancing part-time GP responsibilities, Dr. Esma remains dedicated to Montessori education, ensuring the school provides tailored resources and equipment rooted in both medical knowledge and the Montessori philosophy, fostering each child’s holistic development.

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