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In the heart of Cardiff’s Laundry Quarter, a fashion revolution is subtly unfolding. CWFL, a unisex fashion and self-care store, has been making waves since its inception just over a year ago. Expanding its remint beyond just a shopping destination, the chic boutique is a testament to the elegance of sustainable living, curated for the discerning eco-conscious consumer.

CWFL’s commitment to sustainability has not gone unnoticed. The store proudly made its mark on Huit Denim’s prestigious The Do One Thing Well List 2023, a recognition of its dedication to eco-friendly fashion. Among its curated selections are DL1961 denim jeans, crafted from recycled and biodegradable fibres, and the 100% vegan sliders by Freedom Moses, both of which reflect CWFL’s ethos of combining style with sustainability.

What sets CWFL apart is its exclusivity. Each product is stocked in limited quantities, ensuring that every piece is a unique addition to your wardrobe, embodying quality over quantity. This approach aligns with the store’s philosophy of ‘anti-fast’ fashion, a principle deeply rooted in its origin.

The brainchild of Lauren Wellman and Nerys Parry, the idea for CWFL was born during casual conversations at their children’s swimming lessons. Both women share a passion for laid-back, everyday design and a commitment to sustainable fashion. Lauren, a former specialist make-up artist who relocated to Cardiff for her work on Doctor Who, and Nerys, who balances the business with her global career in live sports broadcasting, bring a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to CWFL.

Lauren reflects on their journey: ‘The idea for the store started with our friendship. We both love a cool, laid-back vibe – unisex clothes that give you confidence and calm – but found that none of the ‘cool bits’ we liked could be bought in our home city of Cardiff… We’re so proud of all the brands we have, and the fact that we’re the only stockist in Wales for many of them. When you buy something from us, you’re buying cool, durable clothes, made to last.’

Credit: cwflshop

CWFL’s brand lineup effortlessly combines sustainability and style. It includes the likes of Mads Nørgaard, known for using organic and recycled materials, and Swedish organic beauty products by L:A BRUKET. Home scent aficionados, meanwhile, will love Earl of East – a trendsetting company that began at a market stall in East London.

Fashion-forward customers can also find pieces from Gestuz, STUTTERHEIM rainwear, Amsterdam-based Tol Eyewear, and Camber USA. Notably, Camber USA’s jersey sweatshirts have been dubbed ‘the best hoodie on the planet’ by GQ magazine.

CWFL is more than a store; it’s a lifestyle choice for those who value sustainability without compromising on style. 

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