Meet 7 influential women in Cardiff, leading in business and championing female empowerment. Their stories highlight the impact of women in shaping industries, forging a path towards gender equality.

Hannah Williams

Credit: Hannah Williams

Meet Hannah Williams, the recently appointed CEO of Alacrity Foundation. With a decade in entrepreneurship and finance, including as CFO at Tiny Rebel, she brings profound knowledge to her leadership. Dedicated to shaping digital entrepreneurship in Wales, Hannah guides graduates in creating innovative hi-tech companies, steering Alacrity Foundation with strategic vision and a passion for nurturing talent.

Thinking about how the world is changing, Hannah wants to see faster progress toward gender equality. She’s determined to do her part, hoping to bring things closer to parity for her daughters.

Sian Gunney

Credit: Kate Stuart Photography

Sian Gunney, a renowned strategist and motivational consultant, specialises in digital marketing and PR. Known for crafting precise action plans, Sian’s strategies include curated introductions to maintain focus and provide a competitive edge. 

Sian’s experience as a woman has cultivated a drive to push boundaries, create space for herself and others, and advocate for authenticity and empowerment. These qualities have played a pivotal role in Sian’s journey as a success strategist, guiding her to assist others in achieving their full potential while remaining true to her own vision and values.

Danni Watts-Jones 

Credit: Danni Watts-Jones

With a 29-year career in financial services, Danni Watts-Jones, Managing Director at DWJ Wealth Management Ltd, offers tailored advice to directors, professionals and retirees. She takes pride in her inclusive yet exclusive service, addressing diverse financial concerns. Breaking down financial barriers, she simplifies complexities for easy client understanding.

In a male-dominated industry at 19, Danni’s determination to succeed was evident when she confidently told her Branch Manager she’d be in his position in 10 years time. His laughter only fueled her determination.

Sara Robinson

In 2019, Sara Robinson founded her public relations and content consultancy, making a significant mark in the industry, recently recognised as one of the UK’s most inspirational female entrepreneurs by the f:entrepreneur ‘#ialso100’ campaign.. Notably, Sara is a former recipient of the Institute of Directors Young Director of the Year in Wales, showcasing her exemplary leadership and entrepreneurial prowess.

The most significant lesson Sara has learned in her career is the transformative power of rest and recovery. Recognising the societal expectations placed on women to give relentlessly, whether as caregivers or in unpaid emotional labour, Sara emphasises the importance of establishing strong boundaries and knowing when to say no. 

Chelsey Edmunds

Credit: Chelsey Edmunds

Chelsey, Escentual‘s Campaigns Manager, drives innovation in one of the UK’s premier online beauty retailers. With 17 years in the beauty industry, she challenges stereotypes, empowering women to feel confident. Recognised as the first Welsh GWIPR Mentor Scheme participant and a Copra Retail Consultant winner, Chelsey is a trailblazer inspiring future professionals.

Beyond this, Chelsey initiated the #SunPoverty campaign, providing over 45,000 sunscreens to families on free school meals across the UK. Her compassionate efforts, rooted in her own background, have brought hope to countless individuals, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact on less fortunate families.

Mera Mann

Credit: Mera Mann

Mera Mann is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience at the helm of Human Resourcing Ltd, South Wales’s premier independent recruitment consultancy since 2001. Her expertise lies in HR, training and learning and development, showcasing a personalised touch across various sectors.

Leveraging her extensive experience in matchmaking, Mera recently introduced Smitten, an exceptional matchmaking service that highlights her professional prowess.With a focus on rebuilding trust in modern dating, Smitten offers a personalised experience for individuals with genuine intentions. Mera guarantees a tailored approach, fostering meaningful connections in the ever-changing landscape of relationships.

Kelly Powling

As the Founder of Fierce Femmes, a dynamic women’s empowerment platform, Kelly Powling has placed the support of other women at the forefront of her journey. Through initiatives like the Fierce Femmes Brunch Club, she fosters a community where like-minded women gather for learning and support. Kelly envisions a future where women consistently break barriers, celebrating their achievements in a world where gender equality is the norm, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment

Penny Lock

Credit: Penny Locke

As Chambers of Commerce Partnerships Director, Penny Lock utilises her extensive network and skills to support businesses. Focused on promoting, connecting, and informing businesses globally, Penny assists in providing the essential connectivity, capacity and competence to overcome challenges.

Fortunate to have worked for Chwarae Teg, she considers it a privilege to have been part of an organisation that positively impacted numerous women’s lives. Collaborating with the organisation restored her confidence and self-belief after a career break to raise her children.

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