Join us as we delve into the lives of women who prioritise others over themselves and discover the essence of their contributions. Let’s gain an understanding of the crucial role they play in shaping Cardiff and beyond.

Debbie Beadle 

Credit: @debsbeadle

Cardiff Women’s Aid, led by CEO Debbie Beadle, is the first Women’s Aid offering refuge in Cardiff and Wales, operating as a Women’s Equality organisation. Debbie’s extensive background in children’s rights and working with victims of trafficking has fueled her passion for the sector, leading to her progression to CEO.

Cardiff Women’s Aid provides a 24-hour helpline and support from crisis workers. The organisation offers refuge, accommodation, and emergency housing, guiding individuals through transitions to more permanent homes. Their dedicated children’s team addresses both domestic abuse situations and parent violence.

Linda James MBE

Credit: BulliesOut

Linda James, a mother to three sons, established BulliesOut in May 2006 with a firm commitment to preventing children’s lives from being marred by bullying, drawing from her own experiences. Over the years, Linda has transformed BulliesOut from a basic web-based support service into a provider of extensive workshops and training programs for schools across the UK. 

With a background in the private sector overseeing national teams and substantial budgets, Linda made a career change by dedicating her energy, skills and expertise to lead BulliesOut. Under her guidance, the charity has become an award-winning success, offering comfort, knowledge and life-saving skills to both those facing bullying and their supporters. In 2014, Linda was awarded an MBE for her dedication.

Molly Fenton

Credit: Molly Fenton

Molly Fenton, a 19-year-old student from Cardiff, founded the ‘Love Your Period Campaign’ aged 17, to address period poverty and stigma for students in Wales. She initiated the campaign to ensure free access to period products for her peers, sparking her commitment to reducing stigma and enhancing menstruation education. 

Over the past two years, Molly has undertaken various projects, including homeless collections, donating reusable products to NHS staff during the pandemic and establishing an advice line for parents and children. 

In the initial stages of her professional journey, she often heard dismissive remarks like “silly little girl” more frequently than her own name. As time has passed, she has come to embrace being a woman in this space, turning what was once a hurdle into an asset. Currently collaborating with the Welsh Government, Molly is working on a strategic action plan, aiming to make menstrual products and services more accessible, with the goal of eradicating period poverty by 2026.

Chloe Smith

Credit: @chloe.rhian.smith

Chloe Smith is the co-founder of both Bigmoose Coffee Co and Bigmoose Charity, alongside her father Jeff. Bigmoose Coffee Co operates as a non-profit café, focusing on projects such as aiding in the rehabilitation of the homeless. Meanwhile, Bigmoose Charity is dedicated to offering accessible mental health support, inspired by the memory of their cherished friend, Gary ‘Moose’ Cloonan. Embracing a profound belief in the importance of a purposeful “why,” Chloe and co strive to make Moose proud and contribute to leaving the world in a better state than they found it.

Chloe’s primary passion in life is helping others, with a particular focus on supporting young people, especially young women. Engaging regularly with schools, she generously gives her time to speak to young women and offers guidance to those aspiring to enter the charity sector.

Lisa Power 


Cardiff resident Lisa Power has dedicated herself to LGBTQ+ rights, HIV and sexual health advocacy since the 1980s. A founding member of Stonewall and the former General Secretary of the International Lesbian and Gay Association, Lisa made history as the first lesbian or gay individual to address the United Nations in support of gay rights. 

Lisa, who volunteered at Switchboard (formerly London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard), witnessed the profound impact of HIV and AIDS in the 1980s, sparking her enduring commitment to advocating for individuals living with HIV over the decades.

Kyla Scott & Rachel Prance

Credit: Kyla Scott and Rachel Prance

Lighter Brighter Minds, co-founded by Kyla Scott and Rachel Prance, Cardiff Met Psychology graduates and mothers, provides free mental well-being interventions for children, teens and caregivers in Cardiff communities.

With a background in Psychology, one founder pursuing a Masters in Health Psychology brings expertise to the curated sessions. The initiative focuses on empowering families to address common issues faced by young individuals, including body changes, self-love, friendships and healthy boundaries. Positive feedback they’ve received highlights a sense of lightness and new connections. Lighter Brighter Minds responds to the growing concern for mental well-being in this age group, addressing delays in child mental health services.

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