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Whether you need a hair salon or a barber shop, here are the Cardiff hairdressers scoring high for gender inclusivity.

Simon Constantinou 

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Celebrated for its serene ambience and welcoming team, Simon Constantinou’s has been honoured with the prestigious Cardiff Life Awards three times – a testament to its dynamic evolution and enriched offerings that dazzle the community.

At the helm is the visionary Helen Rouse, whose passion for inclusivity shines brightly. ‘We appreciate that whilst we have always supported the LGBTQ+ community and have had many queer employees and clients over the last 40 years, this community is always evolving and [so is] the need to continue educating ourselves,’ she shares.

Stepping into the salon, one finds a haven where creativity in hair care knows no bounds. Designed with everyone in mind, Simon Constantinou offers specialised services for all genders. Clients are encouraged to express themselves freely, opting for non-binary appointments if they prefer. ‘We are respectful of pronouns, and hope that queer clients ultimately feel comfortable and relaxed whilst receiving the same great award-winning hair services we have always provided,’ adds Helen, her enthusiasm evident.

But the inclusivity doesn’t stop there. The salon extends its luxurious touch to offer bespoke wig services catering to the transgender community and drag artists. Each appointment is conducted in the utmost privacy of discreet rooms, ensuring comfort and confidentiality for every individual.

Simon Constantinou’s isn’t just a salon; it’s a sanctuary where luxury meets inclusivity. Whether you’re seeking a fresh cut, a transformative wig, or a moment of relaxation, this is the place where every detail is curated with you in mind. 

Find out more about the salon’s work and book online at 

The Barber Room Cardiff

Credit: The Barber Room Cardiff

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Corp Market, The Barber Room is a hidden gem that combines the charm of old-school barbering with a dash of contemporary flair. The spot has quickly become the go-to for anyone craving a sleek, short hairstyle, mastered through a blend of classic cuts and avant-garde techniques.

At The Barber Room, a great haircut transcends gender. It’s all about the art of the cut. That’s why Sofia, Heidi, and Sam, the dream team behind the scissors, focus purely on what they do best – barbering. They’re revolutionising the way we think about haircuts, one snip at a time.

Step into The Barber Room and you’ll feel the buzz of creativity and the warmth of a space where everyone is welcome. It’s more than just a barbershop – it’s a sanctuary where judgement is checked at the door, and acceptance radiates from every corner. ‘We want people to feel comfortable and accepted going to a barbershop,’ Sofia shares.

The team’s expertise has even caught the eye of the city’s dazzling drag artists, including the fabulous Fruit and Fibre and the dynamic drag king, Chaos Themerald, both of whom trust The Barber Room to add that extra edge to their extraordinary looks.

So, whether you’re looking to freshen up your signature style or experiment with a bold new look, The Barber Room promises an experience that is tailored, personal, and utterly luxurious. Every haircut is a statement piece, crafted with precision and styled with sophistication.

Check out some of The Barber Room’s work and book an appointment through Instagram @the_barber_room_cardiff

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